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Live Animals at CAMP!

Celebrate Summer by meeting some cute creatures from The Art Farm!
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Activity Details

Animal lovers ages 3 and up.

After our up-close encounters with these LIVE animals, everyone will discover some simple ways to be kind, gentle and respectful to all of our animal neighbors that live in New York City!

30 minutes of live animal exploration!

July 5th - Colorful Animals - Meet LIVE animals including a yellow tortoise, red and green parrot, blue tongue lizard and a purple crab. Figure out how some animals use their colors to stay safe while others like to show off!

July 19th - Animal Shapes and Sizes - Meet LIVE animals including an oval turtle, long tailed gerbil, thin insect, round frog and tiny creatures that live underground. Sing a silly song all about the variety of animals found all around the world!

August 2nd - Animal Textures - Bumpy, fluffy, hard or smooth! Let's explore a variety of LIVE animals to figure out if they have feathers, fur, shells or scales. A soft dove, furry hamster, spiky lizard and hard shelled crab will help us figure out what the different animals groups are and how each animal uses its body covering to survive.  

August 16th - Animal Spots and Stripes - Patterns are everywhere in the animal kingdom! We will play a fun movement game to sort animals with spots and stripes. Then, meet LIVE animals that have lots of patterns including a lizard, beetle, chicken, turtle and salamander. We will learn how their special coloration helps them stay safe!

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