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9 Awesome Alien Crafts for Artsy Earthlings

Kids can make some new interstellar friends, without leaving home.

Erica Silverstein


Artsy Craftsy Mom | Two Kids and a Coupon

Earth parents, be on alert! Unidentified Flying Objects have been spotted near your kid's arts and crafts supplies, and we’ve received a message from Area 51 to be on the lookout for aliens! They might be green or slimy or adorably cute and fluffy, and they multiply when fed glue and pipe cleaners.

We’re only kidding, but your kid can unearth new extra-terrestrial friends when they try one of these out-of-the-world alien craft ideas for artsy Earthlings.

Cardboard Tube Aliens


Artsy Craftsy Mom

E.T. hid in a closet, but your kid's new alien friend might be hiding in the recycling bin. Let 'em ransack it for cardboard paper towel tubes, then point them towards Artsy Craftsy Mom’s instructions on how to turn that trash into a fluorescent, googly-eyed Martian. They make great centerpieces for an alien-themed party, or set them up on bookshelves or in the window, where they can spy on all the strange Earthlings.

Alien Handprint Card


Simple Everyday Mom

A greeting card is always a good sign that you come in peace. Your kid can tell their friends (or maybe their parents!) that they’re out of this world, or ask to be taken to their leader with a handprint card made to look like a three-eyed alien. This is a great activity for the littlest space explorers to make with some adult assistance.

Alien Slime

DSC 1854-768x1165

Far From Normal

Not all aliens are humanoid, as old episodes of Star Trek might have you believe. Some might be green slimy ooze with hundreds of eyeballs (well, we don’t actually know that for sure, but it’s fun to imagine). It’s also more fun for kids to play with slime when it resembles a visitor from another galaxy. Aptly named Far From Normal has the recipe for Alien Slime.

Jumping Alien


All for the Boys

This little alien is so over the moon about meeting another sentient life form that he’s jumping for joy. All For The Boys will teach your kid how to create this smiley alien out of plastic cups and how to make him jump. If they want to record this historic alien interaction for posterity (or their social media fans), they create a cosmic backdrop for his airborne exploits.

Alien Felt Pictures


Inspiration Made Simple

We thought aliens adored silver spacesuits, but apparently they love underwear. Your kid's imagination will soar into space when they create their own portraits of otherworldly creatures — either fully dressed or in their favorite boxer shorts. Inspiration Made Simple suggests using felt to create your alien buddies, so the kids can outfit their far-out fashionista again and again.

Easter Egg Alien


Artsy Craftsy Mom

When you’ve got a surplus of plastic Easter eggs, think beyond the bunny for your next craft idea. Artsy Craftsy Mom has a few tricks for so kids can turn those plastic eggs into roly poly aliens with pipe cleaner antennae. Tape a couple of nickels or other weights into the bottom of the egg to make aliens that wobble but won’t fall down.

Paper Plate Flying Saucer

No self-respecting alien goes anywhere without his flying saucer. Mister Maker’s quick alien craft will help your kid make this fluffy green Martian a spiffy ride, made out of paper plates and bowls. With a bit of string and tape, they can make their UFO really fly (well, dangle in mid-air, but let’s pretend, shall we?).

Alien Spaceship Craft

20190609 132402-1024x576

Two Kids and a Coupon

Your kid's alien Flat Stanley can still soar past stars with this popsicle stick spaceship craft by Two Kids and a Coupon. These retro-style flying saucers are ideal for puppet shows or alien-themed photo booths. A little paper, glue, and scissors will take them far — no space-age technology needed.

Crocheted Alien

Advanced kid crafters can take it to the next dimension with this adorable crocheted alien puppet. YARNutopia will take them through the steps of creating this one-eyed, two-horned, dotted purple-and-green people eater, er, lover. That big smile means she definitely has no plans to destroy humanity. Right?

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Updated June 2022