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The 9 Most Egg-celent Alternatives to Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs has its charms, but this is your year to really egg-spress yourself? Here are our fave ways to keep the color, but ditch the dye!

Sarah Burns


Photo: It's Always Autumn

Looking for new ways to prep your eggs for Easter? Get the whole family involved and flexing their crafty muscles with these fun alternatives to Easter egg dyeing kits. Putting a new spin on an old tradition cracks open a whole world of possibilities and gives you a chance to play with art supplies in ways you might not usually consider. Embrace the challenge eggstatically, and the results shell be amazing!

1. Eggsplore The Galaxy!


Photo: One Little Project

What Easter basket doesn’t need a little more space? You’ll be over-the-moon for these beautiful, otherworldly orbs. If you’re dying to do more than dye, Jupiter believe these galaxy eggs are the best way to rocket.

2. Serve Up Some Lisa Frank ’90s Realness


Photo: Happiness Is Homemade

Dolphins, and tigers, and rainbows, oh my! These Lisa Frank inspired eggs just can’t be beat. Grab some glitter and recreate all the fabulous trapper keeper designs you coveted as a kid in your very own Easter basket. Then wonder what happened to all those cheetah-print folders you used to obsess over like a neon-crazed Gollum.

3. Whip It Good!


Photo: The Best Ideas for Kids

Beautiful swirls of color? Check. A low-mess alternative to traditional dying? Check. Kid safe? Also check! Whipped cream acts as a medium for whatever color — or colors — your heart desires, and the best part is you can stop for a sweet snack while you're creating a marbled egg masterpiece.

4. With These Watercolor Eggs, the Mess Is in the Bag


Photo: It's Always Autumn

Pretty watercolor pastels are the hallmark of the season, but dyeing to achieve that perfect hue can be daunting, and too often, very vinegary. With this super easy method, all you need are plastic sandwich bags, and your favorite colors of washable markers to make these watercolor eggs, so get crackin’!

5. String These Up at Your Next Shellabration


Photo: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

No eggs? No problem! You won’t even need ’em to make this eggcellent alternative egg garland. Balloons are the secret to their egg-like shape, and if you’re planning a party, chances are you already have what you need on hand. The hardest part will be choosing where to hang them!

6. Spring “Tie”-dings


Photo: Edith & Evelyn Vintage

You can’t egg-nore the uniquely detailed, vintage look of these eggs that are dyed with silk ties. If you’re like me, and you love crafting but have a hard time getting into spring cleaning, digging out those old ties (or even blouses that have been relegated to the back of the closet) is like cracking two eggs with one stone! Or something like that.

7. It’s Crepe-ing Up Nicely


Photo: First Palette

Spotted, mottled, and brightly colored, these vivid eggs are so easy to make, the whole family can help. Pick out your favorite crepe paper colors, tear them into small pieces, wet with water, and cover the whole egg — but the most fun part happens after it dries! Check out the full instructions to make your own Crepe Paper Stained Eggs.

8. Gorgeous Deggcoupage


Photo: First Day of Home

Decoupage is a fancy word for saying “decorating with bits or pretty paper.” Almost anything can be decoupaged, including eggshells; all you need is paper of your choice and a sealer that lets the paper stick to the surface without covering up the pretty paper you carefully picked out. Find out what you need, and get the know-how to use it with this Decoupage Easter Egg Tutorial.

9. Shell I Wax Poetic?


Photo: Parenting Chaos

Don’t have a melt down — eggspress yourself! Put your busted crayons to use by grating them down, and boil up some eggs. Sprinkle the crayon shavings (you could even add glitter!) like fairy dust over the hot eggs, and what you’re left with is a magical meltiness with minimal mess. Read the full instructions, and melt away!