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Amazing Ways to Use Sidewalk Chalk

Hopscotch is top notch and chalk art is a great start — but there's way more you can do with sidewalk chalk!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

things to do with sidewalk chalk


It’s pretty much a rite of passage to play with sidewalk chalk during the spring and summer. And while sidewalk chalk is always fun to draw with, did you know there’s So. Much. More. you can do with it? Learn how to make your own sidewalk chalk, turn your driveway into a mega-sized board game, create special effects with sidewalk chalk, and seriously upgrade your mural game. It’s all right here! Just keep scrolling...

Sidewalk Chalk Paint


Kitchen Table Classroom

We all know about drawing with sidewalk chalk, but have you ever considered painting with it? This simple three-step recipe lets you do just that. To make sidewalk chalk paint, you just have to combine water, food coloring, and cornstarch — it's really that easy. The mixture basically makes liquid chalk, allowing for more detailed and intricate sidewalk creations. So get ready to channel your inner artist and turn your chalk drawings into a painted masterpiece. It also makes creating big chalk projects much easier — just grab a large paintbrush!

Puffy Sidewalk Paint


The Best Ideas for Kids

Add a little texture to your sidewalk art by making puffy paint in a rainbow of colors. Just mix together water, dish soap, washable paint, and flour, add it to some squeeze bottles, and get painting! This paint won't really last more than a day, so go all out on your creations — and be sure to snap a pic.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk


Princess Pinky Girl

The best part about making your own homemade sidewalk chalk? You can mix and match colors to make tie dye chalk and use different molds to make different shapes. The options are pretty much endless! Head on over to Princess Pinky Girl, where you can learn the ins and outs of making DIY sidewalk chalk.

Giant Chalk Art Town


B Inspired Mama

Congratulations on becoming the new mayor of chalk town! With this new town, the rules are all up to you. Turn your house into a giant mansion complete with a swimming pool and give the town both a candy and an ice cream shop! It's your town after all — that is, until the rain comes in. Check out how to draw a town fully out of sidewalk chalk over on B-Inspired Mama's site

Sidewalk Chalk Resist Art

sidewalk chalk resist art

You Clever Monkey

Painter's tape isn't just for getting clean lines when you're giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Case in point: this chalk resist art activity. Grab a roll of painter's tape and place it down on the pavement to form a word, or use it as part of a design. Then, use your sidewalk chalk to draw all over the tape and the surrounding area. When you're done creating, slowly peel off the tape for a big reveal! 

Wet Sidewalk Chalk

draw with sidewalk chalk and water 2

The Kitchen Table Classroom

If you were to describe the consistency of sidewalk chalk, you'd probably go with dry and chalky, right? Turn that description around and make it smooth and buttery with this quick trick from the Kitchen Table Classroom. So, what's the secret? A simple dunk of the chalk into a cup of water. The water transforms the substance making it velvety smooth when it hits that pavement. Now you can easily blend colors and create drawings in a whole new light.

Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art


Juggling With Kids

As you wait for the flowers to make their appearance this spring, liven up your driveway and turn it into a stained glass window with this sidewalk chalk hack. The best part about this activity? You don't have to be an amazing artist to get mind-blowing results. Pick a geometrical design and outline it using painter's tape. Then color in the boxes and get ready for the big reveal. You'll be doing commissions around the neighborhood before you know it! 

Sidewalk Chalk Self-Portrait Murals


Princess Pinky Girl

Become part of the art with these giant sidewalk chalk murals. Draw a podium and stand on top of the medal stand to receive that Olympic gold medal... or go flying over towering skyscrapers. You can even draw an enormous tennis court and practice your serve! Head on over to Princess Pinky Girl and browse through the images to get some giant mural inspiration.   

Chalk Board Games

sidewalk chalk checkers


Upgrade family game night into an all-day activity by transforming your driveway into a giant chalk board game. Take classic games like Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, or even Twister and recreate them out of chalk. Make a set of giant dice to go alongside with the game, or simply turn yourself into a human game piece to move along the board. Not sure where to start? Check out Kids Activities to see how they transformed their outdoor space into a giant game board.