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Animal Face Paint Designs That Deserve a Round of A-Paws

Follow these step-by-step face painting instructions to make a tiger, a dog, a fox, a doe, or a zebra!

Sarah Burns · about 1 month ago

Animal Face Painting Tutorials

Whether you’re ready for a safari adventure, or about to go scampering off into the woods, we have five simple face paint tutorials that'll hone those animal instincts! If you’re new to face painting, you might want to check out our Complete Guide to Face Painting before you dive in.

Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog Step 4

You’ll be your own best friend in this sweet Puppy Dog design, but remember, sneakers are for wearing, not chewing.

Colors You’ll Need:

  • Red

  • Black

  • White

Puppy Dog - Step 1

1. Fill in tongue with red.

Puppy Dog - Step 2

2. Draw a white circle around one eye, and outline a muzzle in white around chin and cheeks

Puppy Dog - Step 3

3. Fill in the outlined areas with white.

Puppy Dog Step 4

4. With black, outline the circle around the eye, fill in nose, and add whisker details. Add a line down the center of the tongue.


Tiger Step 4

Feeling ferocious? This Tiger face can help you channel your inner big-cat. 

Colors You’ll Need:

  • Black

  • White

  • Orange

Tiger Step 1

1. With white, make some big bushy eyebrows.

Tiger Step 2

2. Add orange around the muzzle, and to the forehead.

Tiger Step 3

3. Paint nose black.

Tiger Step 4

4. Add black stripes and a little bit of white around the nose.

Doe (a Deer)

Doe Step 6

Oh deer, haven’t you herd? Few things are as adorable as Bambi in real life!

Colors You’ll Need:

  • A dark shade of blush

  • A foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone

  • Black

  • White

Doe Step 1

1. Use a dark shade of blush along the hairline, and below the cheekbones.

Doe Step 2

2. Use a foundation over the area around the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, and around the nose.

Doe step 3

3. Fill the nose in with black.

Doe Step 4

4. With black, go over eyebrows, and extend them down the nose.

Doe Step 5

5. Using black, create a “doe eye” shape around the bottom of the eye.

Doe Step 6

6. Fill in the shape under the eye with white, and a few white spots on the forehead and cheeks.



Things aren’t always black and white...but sometimes they are!

Colors You'll Need:

  • Black

  • White


1. Using white, outline a mask around the eyes, and two triangles over the eyebrows.


2. Using white, fill in the shapes.


3. Add a black nose.


4. Add black stripes and a tuft of hair on top.


Fox Step 4

Become a cute and cunning fox, and make friends with all the animals of the forest.

Colors You’ll Need:

  • Orange

  • White

  • Black

Fox Step 1

1. With orange, make a T shape down the bridge of the nose and across the browline; create a line starting from each eyebrow into the hairline.

Fox Step 2

2. Fill in the inside of the ears with white.

Fox Step 3

3. Fill in nose in black, and outline the ears.

Fox Step 4

4. Outline fur in black.

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