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Come to Art CAMP to Paint, Splatter, Slime, Draw, and Make a Beautiful Mess

Ready to paint, tie-dye, draw, and splatter to your heart's content? Right this way!

CAMP Stores

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A new CAMP experience is coming to New York, and your family is encouraged to come in and really make a mess of the place. Art CAMP will open its magic doors at the Shops at Columbus Circle on July 1st, and if your family wants to come (literally) make some beautiful memories with us, make sure to reserve a time slot today!

So, what’s there to do, see, slime, and splatter at the latest CAMP location? So glad you asked. Come with us, won’t you, on a little old tour into a world of pure imagination…

CAMP Columbus Circle sits on a bright, sunny corner overlooking Central Park and takes up two whole floors!

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Entering on the lower floor, you can climb up into the cab of a big blue Chevy truck and pretend to drive straight to Funtown. Passengers in the back, hold on tight.

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Have a fireside hang in the nearby campfire circle, where you can tell stories, play games, and build a fort with waffle blocks.

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By the way, you can buy Waffle Blocks at Camp too!

Get ready for some wild races on the CAMP Speedway! We’ll have plasma cars, scooters, and even zebras for our Campers to ride.

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Beat out a tune on the pipe and paddle drums, or if you’re in the mood to really move, head around the corner to the sequin-saturated dance cabin.

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And don’t forget to take a ride on the slide!

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All the real magic of Art CAMP is upstairs!

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Families can purchase a timed-entry ticket for $15 per person, which you can credit toward anything you are buying or any activity you do while you’re visiting. Discover a colorful, messy, amazing art marking studio, where each cabin holds a different art activity!

Get Sloppy in the Slime Studio!

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You can mix your own slimes in the Slime Studio, including magnetic slime, rainbow slime, and sunny slime. Buy a kit to work on right there at Art CAMP (with help from friendly CAMP counselors, of course), or take a slime kit home. There are tons of different mix-ins, colors, scents, and textures to experiment with.

Try your hand at spin art and create a framed personal testament to your swirly splattery artistic talents.

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Immerse yourself in your own creativity in the splatter art cabin!

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Friendly CAMP counselors will help you get decked out head-to-toe in a poncho, face shield, and shoe protectors, and then you get to go to town flinging colors onto the walls. Go ahead and make a mess of the place! (We’re just renting, after all.)

Art CAMP also has a fully-equipped tie-dye cabin for making one-of-a-kind wearable rainbow masterpieces, from t-shirts to backpacks.

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Everywhere you look at Art CAMP, you’ll find original art project kits.

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Our art project kits to work on at CAMP or to take home and play with. Everything from painted ceramics (because we all need a light-up cactus, amirite?) to make-your-own superhero capes. You can color your own backpack with unicorns or emojis, design race cars, trains, building blocks, or even build your own squirrel (or snake!).

You can reserve a time slot at Art CAMP at Columbus Circle right here!

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Sign up now to reserve your family's spot! You don’t need a ticket to play and shop on the main level — that part’s free fun for everyone. See you soon!