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Arts and Crafts YouTube Channels for Kids That Are Worth Hitting Subscribe For

Kids can learn to sew, upgrade their drawing skills, or just make something super cool with help from these video maker masters.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Art Youtube Channels for Kids


YouTube is a great resource when it comes to getting creative on the Internet, but it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the best channels for kids. That's why we've pulled together this list of some of the best channels for arts and crafts projects for kids. No matter their skill level or type of craft they are looking for, this list has something for every creative, crafty, curious kid!

Draw So Cute

Draw So Cute’s YouTube channel is full of drawing tutorials for every budding artist. There’s no need to worry about skill level here. Her step-by-step instructions make every video super easy to follow — plus, kids can always hit the rewind button if they miss a step. Her drawing playlists are full of great tutorials about food, holidays, and kids' favorite characters from Frozen and Paw Patrol.

Red Ted Art

No matter what kind of craft project kids are hoping to try, Red Ted Art has it all. They can learn how to fold corner bookmarks, craft pop-up cards, and knit with their fingers on this channel. And if they just want to learn a new skill or technique, Red Ted Art has got them covered with its skill section, where kids can learn how to make a pom pom or master basic sewing stitches. The videos also link back to step-by-step crafts on the Red Ted Art site for even more instructions.

Art for Kids Hub

If your kids love drawing, but need some new ideas and inspiration, they can head on over to Art for Kids Hub YouTube channel where they'll be overwhelmed with ideas. Videos are published five days a week, so there is always something new to draw. The best part? All kids need is a piece of paper and a marker and they'll be ready to hit play. 

Circle Line Art School

If your kids have moved beyond basic tutorials and want to fine-tune their artistic talents, they can challenge themselves and take their skills over to the Circle Line Art School YouTube page. The channel is definitely geared towards older kids who have a handle on their drawing skills and want to learn how to draw optical illusions and in 3D. Once they get the hang of the different perspectives, they'll easily be amazed by what they can create with just a pencil and a piece of paper.

Babble Dabble Do

Kids can put their crafting skills to the test and see what they can make over on Babble Dabble Do’s YouTube channel. Babble Dabble Do has projects from paper crafts to DIY toys to crafts that teach principles of engineering — seriously! All of the videos include a material list at the very beginning so kids can plan out the project from the start.

KIDS Crafts

All kids need is a piece of paper and they’ll be ready to start a craft over on the KIDS crafts YouTube page. The channel dives deep into the world of paper crafting. From paper quilling to origami, the cool stuff kids can create with just a few sheets of paper is truly endless. 

Tonni Art and Craft

The Tonni art and craft YouTube channel is all about taking nifty craft projects and making them extra adorable. Her videos focus on both practical and silly craft projects, like a desk organizer, but also bright pink slime. No matter what kids make, it will be super kawaii, or cute. 

The Artful Parent

Looking for a fun and easy craft that kids can do on their own? Then you’re going to want to check out The Artful Parent’s YouTube channel. The channel is all about simple crafting where kids can take the lead on the project. The channel doesn’t shy away from unusual crafting materials as well: here you can learn how to paint with shaving cream, and swap out paintbrushes for fruits and veggies.

Ara Plays Art

Ara Plays Art YouTube channel is full of absolutely mesmerizing tutorials. Kids can hit play and watch Ara go to work on her latest creation. For this channel, it will probably be helpful to watch the videos fully before getting started. Once they've got the hang of her style, they’ll be able to open a full gallery before they know it.

Miss Tricks Mix

Miss Tricks Mix’s YouTube channel focuses on felt projects and sewing, so it's perfect for tweens looking to upgrade their crafting skills. Her tutorials range from scrumptious felt food to miniature Disney figurines. Once kids have mastered the techniques, they'll be giving out adorable handmade keychains left and right.

One Little Project

No matter what kind of craft your kid is feeling inspired to make, they'll find it on One Little Project’s YouTube page. Her page is filled with seasonal crafts, no-sew projects, and loads of paper roll creatures. As long as they have a wide variety of craft supplies available, kids will be able to make any project on the channel.