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Become A Ceramicist In The Making With These Gifts You Can Mold

Work with your hands to kickstart your love of pottery and embrace your creativity in the process.

Maria Bailey · about 2 months ago

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Mastering the art of pottery boils down to one thing: building muscle memory. With pottery, practice truly does make perfect, and more time on the pottery wheel or hand-building with clay means more ways to really develop your craft. For the inspiring ceramicists out there, learning how to form, shape, and mold creations using  your hands is a wonderful place to start — and these craft kits encourage you to do just that.

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Making In The Moment Pottery Wheel

Making In The Moment

Before getting behind a full-sized pottery wheel, take the Making In The Moment Pottery Wheel for a spin! You have everything you need to get started on your pottery creations: Two pounds of terracotta clay, 14 sculpting tools, and a variety of different colored paints to add the finishing details to your masterpieces! The creative process is made easy thanks to air-dry clay — and a handy foot pedal that makes turning off your wheel a breeze — so no industrial kiln or oven is required to bring your pieces to life!

Eco-Dough 6-Pack


Want to develop your hand-building skills? Molding creations out of modeling dough introduces you to creating with your hands. The Eco-Dough 6-Pack is an explosion of color — featuring naturally pigmented dough in red, yellow, orange, green, white, and blue. Forming your creations is easy, too, thanks to a concoction of essential oils in the dough that keep it soft and pliable. Not to mention, all the ingredients are non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you’re basically shaping the world into a better place.

Air Dry Clay Activity Kit

Open the Joy

To get your creative juices flowing, look no further than the Air Dry Clay Activity Kit! Choose from 28 exciting designs — such as animals, cars, and monsters — and 12 tubes of air dry clay in vibrant colors! Easy to follow instructions make for a fun, creative process, and air dry clay saves you the task of firing your pieces in a kiln or baking them in the oven. Just leave your creations out to dry for three days, and your work of art is ready for its grand reveal!

Hapinest DIY Clay Jewelry Dish Arts And Crafts Kit


During the creative process in pottery, experimenting with new materials, techniques, and designs is everything. With the Hapinest DIY Clay Jewelry Dish Arts And Crafts Kit, you do all of the above, and the results are magic! Create three colorful trinket dishes in seven coordinating colors — or mix and match to create unique designs — using non-toxic polymer clay. Follow the step by step instructions to get down the basics, but go off-script and unleash your creative side using metallic paints, stick-on gems, glitter powder, and more to really make the pieces your own.

Making in the Moment Paint-Your-Own Tea Party Set

Making in the Moment

One of the last stages in the pottery process is glazing or painting your pieces! It’s a chance to add a beautiful pop of color to your handiwork and create something that is truly unique. With the Making in the Moment Paint-Your-Own Tea Party Set, you can paint beautiful designs in your favorite colors using paints included in the set, or mix your own hues. A charming tea party set is your canvas, and the rest is left up to your imagination!