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Make Faces With These 8 Kid-Friendly Makeup Brands

Affordable, safe, non-toxic makeup just for kids — so you can have your own makeup bag back.

Sarah Burns

Little Girl Playing with Makeup


Makeup play is a normal part of childhood development, and a great way to build dexterity (just ask anyone wearing cat eyeliner). Playdates at Sephora get really expensive, really quickly, so here are twelve affordable, totally non-toxic, safe-for-sensitive skin brands for any beginner cosmetologist.

1. Petite n’ Pretty

Petite N Pretty

Petite 'n Pretty

The brainchild of Sam Cutler, whose resume includes MAC Cosmetics and Estee Lauder, Petite n’ Pretty was created to help answer the question, “what’s the best makeup to give my kid so they stop stealing mine?” The result is real, high quality makeup that’s nut-free, as well as dermatologist-, ophthalmologist- and pediatrician-approved. With hydrating, shimmery lip balms and sheer but buildable colors, this brand is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and eyes who still wants to experiment — without the irritation commercial adult brands can cause.

2. FCTRY Unicorn Snot

Unicorn Snot

FCTRY Unicorn Snot

Where would we be without Unicorn Snot? Someplace a lot less glittery and colorful, that’s for sure. These pretty, subtle lip glosses in unicorn colors are a sweet way to let makeup newbies play with shine and shade. And don’t worry – no unicorns were harmed in the making of this product. In fact, it’s totally vegan and cruelty free!

3. Nailmatic



Nailmatic makes gentle, water-based nail polish for kids free of worrisome ingredients like phthalates and formaldehyde. Best of all, these shades come off with soap and water, so you can skip the harsh, smelly polish removers. Nailed it.




Part style statement, part science experiment, the DIY Cosmetics Kit from STMT lets kids mix, test, blend, and create their very own makeup essentials. The kit comes with ingredients, pigments, and cases for mixing your own blush, gloss, fragrance mist, and shimmery shadow. Why wear someone else's colors when you can make your own?

5. Cool Maker

Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art

The inventors of glamorous gadgets at Cool Maker know a thing or two about making cool things even cooler. Their Body Shimmer kit makes dazzling, stylish body art with ease, and the Go-Glam Nail Studio will make sure kids' nails are always play-runway ready; the water-based formula is easy to remove with soap and water, so it's easy to change up that mani with no harsh chemicals, stains, or nail damage.

6. YOUniverse

YOUNiverse Color Changing lip Balm


Wearing makeup is all about celebrating self-expression — but what if you could take it a step further and have makeup that reacts with YOUR specific body chemistry? Sounds pretty cool, right? Well YOUniverse made it happen with a cosmetics kit that combines science and art. Kids can create five fabulous flavorful, shimmering, lip-smacking balms, with a secret ingredient: a color-changing base that turns pink or red depending on your child's personal pH level!

7. Fashion Angels

Fashion Angels Unicorn Magic Nail Kit

Fashion Angels

Looking for a magical manicure experience? Let me introduce you to this unicorn friend here to blow dry freshly-painted nails without delay! The water-based nail polish formula means there's no weird nail polish smell, and the dried polish will peel off like a sticker when your child is ready for a color change. Kids can also choose from over 200 stickers, and really nail that magical look!

8. Glossy Pops

Glossy Pops - Banana

Glossy Pops

Glossy Pops delivers delicious lip nourishment with a round, hydrating balm that’s totally the bomb. Flip this fruity pop over, and that’s when things get really bananas – just check that adorable charm! Twist off the end to reveal a wand applicator for a crystal-clear, high-shine gloss that really pops

Updated January 2022