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10 Cool Things to Do With Bubbles That Will Blow You Away

Make square bubbles, bubble snakes, and DIY bubble wands and blowers with these how-tos.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

bubble activities


A nice day is always better with bubbles! Whether you're mixing up a homemade bubble solution, crafting unique bubble makers, or blowing the biggest bubbles you have ever seen, bubbles make any day shine a little brighter. Blow bubbles (and minds) with these creative DIY projects! 

1. DIY Bubble Blower


Toddler Approved

Ready to blow your biggest bubbles ever? Toss the little plastic bubble wand and upgrade to your own DIY bubble blower. Made from materials you probably have at home (a straw, a cup, a pan, some dish soap, and water), this homemade bubble blower requires minimal prep for maximum fun. Head on over to Toddler Approved for simple step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks for making gigantic bubbles. 

2. Bubble Snakes

We've all blown bubbles, but have you ever made bubble snakes? Discover how you can exhale a constant stream of tightly knit bubbles by heading to Somewhat Simple to make a bubble snake of your very own — with a little practice, you'll be amazed just by how long your bubble snakes can grow.

3. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

For a colorful take on bubble snakes, blow a bubble snake in all the colors of the rainbow! This video by hello, Wonderful shows you exactly how to do it (sound on for super-snazzy snake-making music).

4. Magic Bubble Wands

Add some magic to your bubble-making with these bedazzled bubble wands! Not only are they easy-peasy to make, but the process is as fun as all the bubbles you'll get to blow with your homemade magic bubble wand. The Children's Museum of Sonoma County shows how you can make beautiful bubble wands using just sticks, yarn, and whatever decorating materials you have at home! 

5. Hula Hoop Bubbles

Ever wonder what it's like inside a bubble — all the colors and the shiny surfaces? Wonder no more: With this next project, you'll quite literally be surrounded by a gigantic bubble! Playtivities has a foolproof homemade bubble solution for this activity, plus step-by-step instructions for making bubbles big enough to actually stand in!

6. Bubble Art


Red Ted Art

Bubbles are beautiful to look at, but they can create something just as beautiful to look at when they pop! By simply combining a bubble solution with liquid watercolors, you can create a beautiful bubble print on paper. You can even make bubble art in the form of a beautiful butterfly! Flutter on over to Red Ted Art for the step-by-step on making bubble masterpieces of your very own.

7. Giant Bubble Wands


The Craft Train

Just when you thought your bubbles couldn't get any bigger ... these giant DIY bubble wands take it to the next level! The Craft Train provides not one but TWO giant bubble wand projects, so you can experiment with both to create your biggest bubble yet.

8. Square Bubbles


Babble Dabble Do

Didn't know bubbles could be square? Well, this next project is going to burst your bubble in the best possible way! Now you can construct a three-dimensional bubble wand and make an inverted bubble cube. Head on over to Babble Dabble Do to create bubbles in a whole new way.

9. Bouncing Bubbles

What if you could touch bubbles without popping them? Now you can make unpoppable bubbles that even bounce! By adding a few special ingredients to your bubble-making solution, you'll get to experience bubbles in a way you didn't know was possible. Find out how you can bounce, handle, and play with bubbles by watching this simple tutorial from DIY and Crafts.

10. Glowing Bubbles

Dim the lights or wait until after dark to make bubbles like you’ve never seen them before: glow-in-the-dark! You won’t believe your eyes as these bubbles radiate light in the dark — try blowing them in front of a light for extra effect. Discover how to make your very own glowing bubbles by following the step-by-step instructions over at My Kids Time