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Connect With Nature And Your Fam By Building Your Own Mini Terrarium

Add a touch of nature and greenery to your home by creating a little oasis in a glass container with the fam.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns · about 1 year ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

Wanting to add more greenery to your indoor space? You’re not alone. As the pandemic continues and temperatures begin to drop, we’re spending less time outside, and for many of us, indoor plants have become the solution to getting our nature fix. In fact, experts say plant sales have soared by almost 3,000% at some outlets, as peoples’ need to connect with nature is stronger than ever before!

But what if you’re a self-proclaimed plant killer? We’ve come up with a low-maintenance solution to adding some greenery to your space and a wonderful activity to do as a family: building your own mini terrarium!

 mixetto / Getty Images

mixetto / Getty Images

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass container (large glass jar/fishbowl/terrarium)

  • River pebbles

  • Potting mix

  • Plants

  • Spanish moss (optional)

  • Small plastic figurines or animals (optional)

 mixetto / Getty Images

mixetto / Getty Images

Step 1: A large glass container

Geo Terrarium Ballard Designs

Credit: Ballard Designs

To build your terrarium, you’ll first need some sort of glass container. This could be a large glass jar you have at home, or you could purchase a terrarium or fishbowl from the store. Ensure the container is large enough to fit your plants; we recommend filling it up to the halfway point so it doesn’t look overcrowded and your plants have the space they need to grow.

Step 2: River pebbles

mosser-lee-bagged-landscape-rocks-2181-a0 600

Credit: Mosser Lee

To prepare the base, you first need to add a layer of river pebbles to the bottom of your container. The rocks allow for any excess water to escape from the soil so as not to oversaturate your plants. They also add a great visual element to the bottom of the glass.

Step 3: Potting mix

Scotts Miracle-Gro

Credit: Scotts Miracle-Gro

Add your indoor potting mix to your terrarium on top of the layer of pebbles. To gauge how much soil to add, use the depth of the pots that your plants came in as a guide.

Step 4: Plants

 Kenn Navarro / EyeEm / Getty Images

Kenn Navarro / EyeEm / Getty Images

Now you can add your plants! Desert plants are a popular choice as they have a reputation for being low-maintenance. However, terrariums can be a challenging environment for succulents as the trapped moisture and lack of ventilation puts them at risk of being over-watered, resulting in root rot. Plants that require indirect or low-light and enjoy moist soil are best for terrariums. Ferns, bromeliads, and moss thrive — the latter providing a lush appearance to the base of your small-scale ecosystem while helping to keep the soil damp.

Step 5: Add any final touches

Apichat Thongmalai / EyeEm / Getty Images

Apichat Thongmalai / EyeEm / Getty Images

Now that you have arranged your plants, feel free to add your own flair to your terrarium — whether that means adding a little plastic figurine to your mini jungle, a wild animal, or perhaps a roaming Tyrannosaurus rex? We don’t make the rules here — the choice is yours!

Step: 6: Situate your terrarium

 Anita Marks / Getty Images

Anita Marks / Getty Images

Lastly, water your plants and place your terrarium in a spot with indirect sunlight where it can be easily enjoyed by the whole family!