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How to Make a DIY Straw Cabin That'll Put the First Little Pig to Shame

You can huff, you can puff, but this straw house won’t fall down! This easy craft for kids comes together faster than you can say "Little pigs, let me in!"

Camp Crafts


Camp Crafts

Pigs are known for lots of things: a love of mud baths, squishy pink noses, springy curlicue tails, and for being some of the worst engineers in the mothergoosing kingdom. Statistically speaking, two out of three porcine-constructed structures have been known to be blown away completely.

With that in mind, we present to you these instructions for a cabin of straw that was NOT built by a little pig. Kids will love how easy it is to put together — although some grown-up help might be required to make sure the Big Bad Wolf doesn't get any ideas.

Straw Cabin Supplies

Camp Crafts


1. Carefully cut out the paper template pieces.


Camp Crafts

Template 1, Template 2

You should have:

four wall pieces (A, B, C, and D)

two roof pieces (E and F)

An awning piece (G)

And a base (H)

2. Using your templates as guides, cut your straws down to size.


Camp Crafts

3. Cut enough straws to cover every wall, roof, and awning piece.


Camp Crafts

Template pieces A through G

4. Glue all your straws in place onto the cabin walls, the roof, and on the awning piece.


Camp Crafts

5. Assemble the four walls of your cabin (pieces A,B,C, and D) by taping them together.


Camp Crafts

6. Assemble the cabin’s roof and awning by taping pieces E, F, and G together on the long edges.


Camp Crafts

7. Glue the roof in place on top of the cabin.


Camp Crafts

8. Glue the cabin to the base (template piece H).


Camp Crafts

Make sure to leave enough space in the front of the cabin for the awning and pillars.

9. To make the columns, cut some straws into six pieces, each four inches long.


Camp Crafts

10. Glue three straw pieces together in the shape of a triangle. Repeat this step to make two columns.


Camp Crafts

11. Glue the pillars in place at the front corners of the awning and at the base.


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