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Camp’s Duct Tape Wallet Craft Is the Perfect Place to Stash Your Cash

Is there anything duct tape CAN'T do?

Camp Crafts · about 2 months ago

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There are a million ways to use duct tape, but this DIY craft might be the most fun and practical. Follow the steps below, and you’ll have a functional wallet that costs literal pennies to make and a fun place to stick your money. If you’re really on a roll, grab a bunch of different patterns and colors, and soon you’ll be able to accessorize with every outfit in your closet and still have some to give away!

Duct Tape Wallet Supplies

Camp Crafts

What You’ll Need:

  • Duct Tape

  • A Pair of Sharp (Big Kid) Scissors

  • A Ruler

  • Stickers (for Decoration)

1. Lay a 9-inch strip of duct tape sticky side up on your work surface.


2. Cut and lay down another 9-inch strip of duct tape.


Stagger each new layer about halfway down the previous strip.

3. Fold the sticky part of the first strip down over the second strip.


4. Flip the two pieces and keep layering.


Repeat the same pattern and process as you go, layering and folding over new 9-inch strips of duct tape.

5. Keep going until your sheet is big enough to fold over a dollar bill with room to spare.


You should have a 7x8-inch rectangle.

6. Fold the rectangle into a cash pocket.


Fold your tape rectangle to create a small gap between the top edges to create a large pocket for cash.

7. Tape both sides with strips of duct tape.


Trim the edge with scissors to make it neat.

8. Use the flip-and-fold method to make a smaller rectangle.


It should take about four strips of duct tape and measure roughly 3.5 by 3.75 inches. Trim your rectangle down to size so it’s big enough to hold a card, but still fits within the wallet.

9. Repeat the process to create a pocket for the other side of the wallet.


These pockets are suitable for storing cards you don’t use often and other odds and ends!

10. Now tape the side pockets in place.


Tape them with the opening facing toward the center crease.

11. Add some fun designs!