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Build Camp’s Catapult Craft, And Maybe You Learn A Fling or Two

This DIY desk toy will have you asking, “what’s for launch?”

Camp Crafts

Put your family’s engineering skills to the test with this tiny catapult build. It’s perfect for storming Lego castles, mini food fights, and declaring battle on a sibling’s desk from a safe distance!

Catapult Supplies

Camp Crafts

What You’ll Need:

  • Rectangular box

  • Scissors

  • Straws

  • Rubber bands

  • Tape

  • Glue dots

  • Paint and paintbrush

  • Pencil

  • Model Magic Clay

  • Wood Sticks

2. Using a sharp pencil, poke a hole on one of the box’s long sides.


Camp Crafts

The hold should be about three inches away from the edge, and large enough for a straw to rotate easily.

3. Poke a matching hole on the other long side of the box.


Camp Crafts

4. Poke a third hole on the short side furthest from the first two holes.


Camp Crafts

The new hole should be centered and near the bottom of the box.

5. Join two straws together perpendicularly in the shape of a lowercase “t.”


Camp Crafts

This is the arm of your catapult. Secure it with rubber bands.

6. Create your catapult basket out of straws.


Camp Crafts

Cut four pieces of straw, each one a ½-inch long. Tape the four small straw pieces together, and then tape them onto your catapult arm.

7. Cut four more pieces of straw, each 1-inch long.


Camp Crafts

Line the new pieces of straw around the edges of the catapult basket, creating a square. Tape them together.

8. Wrap a rubber band around the shorter end of the arm using a slipknot.


Camp Crafts

9. Insert both ends of the base straw into the holes you poked in the sides of the box.


Camp Crafts

10. Cut a four-inch-long straw.


Camp Crafts

11. Thread the tail of the slipknot through the remaining hole.


Camp Crafts

Knot the 4-inch-long straw around the end to hold it in place.

12. Create a “stopper” for the catapult arm with the final straw.


Camp Crafts

Place it across the top of the box, just in front of the arm. Secure it in place by wrapping a large rubber band around one end of the straw, under the box, and up and around the other end.

13. Use the bottle cap to make miniature clay pieces to launch!


Camp Crafts