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Have a Cardboard Box? Here's All The Halloween Costumes To Make With It

Creative and crafty costumes that prove it’s hip to be square.

Margo Gothelf · about 1 month ago

Cardboard Box Robot Costume


Sometimes, you gotta think out of the box to find a creative Halloween costume. And when I say out of the box, I mean with a box — a cardboard box, that is. This Halloween, ditch the store-bought costume and transform an average cardboard box into a one-of-a-kind costume. There’s no one costume that has this market cornered, so go as a vending machine, a LEGO brick, or even a giant Pop It! You'll be amazed at how many costumes you can make from such a simple, everyday item. 

X-Ray Box Costume

DIY-X-Ray-Costume-Unique-Costume-Idea-Rachael-Burgess 0143

Rachael Burgess

It's never been easier to show off your funny bone than with this x-ray in a box costume. It’s a clever outfit that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on inside in a playful way. Plus, it couldn't be easier to make. Simply find a box that is the appropriate size, and fill it with black paper. As for the bones, you might want to consult a doctor just to make sure everything is in the proper place. Head on over to Rachael Burgess' site for the inside look. 

Air Mail Envelope Costume


Studio DIY

Anyone up for a trip? The seating may not be exactly ideal, but you’ll get there in a flash if you travel as an airmail envelope! Studio DIY really delivers with a clever costume you can customize, so you can think up some exciting destinations. Take a trip to your BFFs house, travel to Transylvania to visit Dracula, or ship your little ones off to their grandparents for a few days. Just don't forget the return envelope for the trip home!

DIY Dice Costume


Sugar Bee Crafts

Ready to roll? Try your luck with this DIY dice costume and see if you can get on a hot streak. Ask your BFF or sibling to suit up with you, and double your odds of being the high roller to score some big candy wins. Be sure to blow on ’em for good luck first!

DIY Vending Machine Costume

vending machine costume

Thrifty and Thriving

Forget about trick or treating – with this DIY vending machine costume, you'll have all the candy you want at your fingertips. Need a refill? Just stop by some houses on Halloween and restock your supply. Thrifty and Thriving have all of the details on this one-of-a-kind costume. 

Carousel Horse Costume


A Joyful Riot

Have a little one who cannot get enough of the carousel each time you visit an amusement park? Give them a permanent seat on the ride this Halloween with this carousel horse costume. It's a clever costume that uses a suspender-like get-up to make it look like you are actually riding the horse. All you'll need to keep this horsepower going is a little bit of candy.

Giant Pop It Costume

If you've got kids running around the house, you've probably collected a crazy amount of Pop It toys recently. It seems like the fad on the fidget toys isn't stopping any time soon, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon and go all out with a DIY Pop It costume for Halloween. To get the unique look just like the viral toy, ball pit balls are used to replicate the bubble slots that go back and forth. While they won't pop back, they will still look pretty neat. Find out more details on how you can turn into your favorite toy this Halloween over on Hello Wonderful

DIY Tractor Halloween Costume

DIY Tractor Costume30

Midwestern Mama

How old do you need to be to operate a truck? What if it's made out of cardboard? For this Halloween, I think we can bend the rules and give you the reins of the cardboard tractor and digger backhoe. Just as long as you don't forget your hardhat and reflector vest! Head on over to Midwestern Mama where you'll find all the blueprints needed to get construction going on this costume. 

Photobooth Strip Costume

Say cheese! Capture all the memories this Halloween in real time, and dress up as a classic photo booth picture strip. To develop this film, you'll need to practice your most outrageous and funny faces. When you've got your poses down, snap a few pics in a wacky outfit — just remember what you wore, as you'll need to wear it on Halloween to match. When the pictures are ready, blow them up real big and glue them to the cardboard strip. When Halloween comes, grab the outfit and spend the day capturing new pics!

Mandalorian Cardboard Armor

5da114 f81f4e5bf9c14e909e3c0c3d7b3c1f4c~mv2

Zygote Brown Designs

Look, everyone around the galaxy knows that Beskar metal isn't easy to get your hands on. So, until we figure out how to acquire some, it looks like you're going to have to settle for cardboard armor. The good news is the armor is just as sleek as the real thing. Head on over to Zygote Brown Designs, where you'll find instructions on how to craft a set of armor just like Mando wears himself. Just watch out for the lightsabers with this one because cardboard definitely won't have the same strength as Beskar metal. 

DIY Lego Costume



Have a little one who can't get enough of Lego? This Halloween, turn them into their favorite toy and dress them up as a lifesized Lego block. Unlike the complicated Baby Yoda set you've spent endless afternoons building, this costume couldn't be easier to put together. Simply spray paint a box your Lego color of choice, and add circle cardboard cutouts to represent the details in the brick. Have the whole family get in on the idea and make a full set! 

Minecraft Costume


Desert Chica

Minecraft and cardboard boxes are a match made in heaven, especially when it comes to Halloween costumes. I mean, the game is all about building blocks, so bringing it to life via a cardboard box just makes sense. Before you start building though, you'll have to use your pickaxe to gather some materials. When you're ready to go, simply turn on create mode and head over to your real-life workstation. Basic cardstock will work for the details, but if you want to upgrade your supplies, you'll have to dig into your stash of Minecoins. The perfectly pixelated design will make it look like you just stepped out of the screen.  

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