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All Together Now: DIY Kits That Grown-Ups Will Want to Get In On

For anyone who’s running out of ways to keep yourself, your babysitter, your grandma — and your kids — busy and creative.

Megan Baldwin · 5 months ago

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Kids aren’t the only ones who love to craft. We see you grown-ups stealing the scratch n’ sniff markers and coloring in the lines. And it’s fine. If you’re hunting for a new creative project that will keep your kids busy and you too, may we suggest a few more grown-up-friendly DIY kits? Below, we’ve rounded up our favorites — kits with all the tools and tutorials you need to get your hands dirty, and maybe even create something you’ll want to hang in your home. Heads up: Most of these kits are best for ages 8+ — and for creative 80-year-olds too. 

Crayola Paint-Pour Canvas Kit

This paint-pour canvas art kit gives you the power to create the next great masterpiece, or something a little more abstract — Pollack, much? With canvas, paints, and directions, it requires zero skill and is made by Crayola, which means your 7 ½ -year old can almost help. 

Sculpd At Home Pottery Kit

Need to work something out? Book a date with our favorite thing we found on Instagram in months. This at-home pottery kit from Sculpd comes with everything you need: air-dry clay, instructions, paint, and little tools to help you make the perfect ceramic creation. Because it’s air dry, kids can help craft something like this adorable bunny vase. *Great for babysitters! 

GoldiBlox Watermelon Mini Purse Construction Toy

Fashion meets Engineering in this kit that teaches you how to build your own adorable and functional mini purse. Technically, this is something your STEM loving kid can do on their own, but the purse is so dang cute, grown-ups will probably want to get involved. 

Fashion Angels Tell Your Story Alphabet Bead Case

Wear your story on your wrist when you design a message or name bracelet using the alphabet beads in the Tell Your Story Alphabet Bead Case from Fashion Angels. With an alphabet of bead options, this is the perfect craft to do with your kid to create fun wearable reminders that they L-O-V-E-Y-O_U the most. *Great for aunts and uncles!   

Loopy Bubble Weaving Kit

If you’re determined to make something that actually looks good enough to hang in your house, this bubble weaving kit is it. According to the site, it’s an easy level project, which means your 8-year-old can totally help you get loopy and make your macrame dreams come true. 

Crayola DIY Hanging Planter Kit

A far cry from the Crayola Big Box, this hanging planter kit is perfect for plant lovers and little green thumbs. You start by molding the air-dry clay (your kids can help with that part), add texture and designs, and decorate with paints (included in the kit). The kit comes with fake plants, so fewer things to take care of. 

The Original Spirograph Deluxe Set

Since it was first introduced in 1965, Spirograph has made it possible for aspiring artists of all ages to create beautifully intricate designs. Grown-ups will love that nothing about the wheels and rings have changed, and kids will love creating the coolest designs. *Great for grandparents!  

Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage

All you need is a pair of scissors and some imagination to create cool collages to hang on your wall or inspiration board. With 1500+ objects included — like birds, flowers, eyes, and mustaches — the possibilities to cut out and collage are limitless.