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Crafts for Earth Day That Use Recycled Materials

Practice those time-honored three Rs — reduce, re-use, recycle — with these Earth Day crafts!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns · 9 months ago

Recycled Earth Day Crafts


Our planet is a wonderful place, and it needs our help to thrive. Every year on April 22, billions of people across the world celebrate Earth Day. This annual event was created to celebrate our planet and to raise awareness about environmental issues like pollution and deforestation.

A fun and creative way to celebrate Earth Day at home is by upcycling things that might otherwise go straight in the trash — and therefore straight into landfill sites. These eco-savvy Earth Day crafts are a simple and easy way to reduce our consumption by turning trash into creative treasure!

Plantable Paper Earth


Modern Parents Messy Kids

Have any scrap pieces of blue and green construction paper lying around? Rather than throwing them directly in the trash during your next craft supply purge, upcycle them to make this beautiful plantable — yes, plant-able — paper Earth! After blending paper and plant seeds together, you’ll be amazed to see the first signs of life sprouting from your masterpiece. Find out how to make your very own plantable paper Earth by heading over to Modern Parents Messy Kids

Tree Egg Carton Craft


Glued to My Crafts

The crafting opportunities with egg cartons are endless — especially when they're made from 100% reclaimed paper and are compostable and biodegradable. This wonderful Earth Day craft celebrates one of the most important foundations of a healthy environment: trees! As the biggest plants on our planet, trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil, and give life to the world’s wildlife. Get started by checking out Glued To My Crafts for easy-to-follow instructions! 

Stained Glass Planet Earth


Mom On Timeout

Hold onto those scraps of tissue paper — those shredded little pieces are all you need to make this beautiful stained glass planet earth! Head on over to Mom On Timeout for instructions for this fun and creative craft, and marvel at your masterpiece as light shines through. 

Papier Mache Earth Globe


Housing a Forest

Who doesn’t love papier mache? From sinking your hands into a sticky, ooey-gooey mixture to building something unique from scratch, there's a reason papier mache is one of the all-time great craft materials. It’s also a great opportunity to make use of any old newspapers destined for the recycling bin. As a tribute to our beautiful planet, create a papier mache earth globe: Housing a Forest shows you exactly how it’s done, and they even add an illuminated element to the craft for an extra wow-factor!

Earth Collage


I Heart Crafty Things

You can make a collage out of just about any kind of paper, whether it be from the pages of an old magazine, scrap pieces of construction paper, or even torn-up wrapping paper from an opened gift. This next project also requires cardboard, so hold onto any boxes you have before recycling. Bring your vision of Earth to life, piece by piece, by heading to I Heart Crafty Things for instructions! 

Earth Crayons

Globe Crayons

The Gunny Sack

Let’s face it — crayons break! But this next creative project could be the answer to the broken crayon conundrum, and the results are pretty cool. Pick out any broken green and blue crayons from your supply to make these genius Earth crayons! The Gunny Sack provides you with everything you need to know to make this otherworldly craft.

Mini Ecosystem in a Jar

Recycled Earth Day Crafts


There’s perhaps no better way to learn about and appreciate our Earth’s ecosystem than by building your own mini-ecosystem, a.k.a. a terrarium. A terrarium is a fully functional, self-sustaining micro-ecosystem. The enclosed terrarium mimics nature’s water cycle, as the moisture in the jar is taken up by the roots and evaporates from the soil and plant leaves. It condenses on the glass of the terrarium and falls down like rain, remoistening the soil in a continual loop. Pretty cool, right? Better yet, you can upcycle any large food jars or plastic bottles you have at home to house your terrarium to reduce your consumption. Learn how to make your own ecosystem by following the step-by-step instructions provided by Generation Genius!