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12 Magical Crafts for Harry Potter Fans, No Wands Required

Even muggles can make a little magic.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Is there a crafting course at Hogwarts? It seems like there should be. Maybe Professor McGonagall could teach it — no wands required, of course! Lucky for her, we've already put together a full class of Harry Potter-inspired kid friendly crafting projects, just in time to celebrate Harry Potter Day on May 2!

Hogwarts House Bookmarks


Red Ted Art

Let’s be real, the Harry Potter books are long! Make sure your kid doesn't lose their place and miss out on any of the magical adventures with these chevron bookmarks. They can make a bookmark for each house, or get sorted for themselves over on the official Wizarding World website and make a bookmark to match their house colors. Grab all of the details and the instructions over on Red Ted Art.

Mandrake Root Clay Crafts


Artsy Fartsy Mama

The best part about these adorable little mandrake clay crafts? They are incapable of an ear-piercing scream, unlike their counterparts in the Harry Potter books. The mandrakes do keep their hilariously grumpy expressions, however, which comes together using some polymer clay. Head over to Artsy-Fartsy Mama to get the step-by-step instructions so your kid can make a mandrake that would impress Professor Sprout.

Monster Book of Monsters Notebook Cover


Ikat Bag

Remind me again why The Monster Book of Monsters isn't kept in the restricted section of the library? Thankfully, your child's look-alike creation will be all bark and no bite. This tutorial from Ikat Bag will show them how to make a ferocious cover for a mini notebook full of post-it notes. Do they want to make one that will cover a full book? They just need to measure the book and follow the tutorial, and make the proportions bigger.

No-Sew Hogwarts House Scarves


Michelle's Party Plan-It

When they're cheering for their house to catch the snitch during a Quidditch match, the last thing they want to worry about is keeping warm. Luckily, these DIY no-sew house scarves will do the trick, all while letting them show off their house spirit. They're not sure which one to make? Send them over to the Wizarding World website to get sorted and let the hat do its magic! 

DIY Harry Potter Wands


Vintage Kitty

Ollivander might not be around to match you with a personalized wand, but these DIY clay wand look-alikes from Vintage Kitty do a pretty good job of replicating the magic. Not only do these wands basically look like the real thing, but they also light up — perfect for practicing that Lumos spell! Once their wand is dry and ready to go, they better practice their "swish and flick" technique to make Hermione proud.

Time Turner Necklace


30 Minute Crafts

While they might not be able to make a time turner that lets them jump through the magical universe, your kid can make one just like it and pretend they are taking all the exciting classes at Hogwarts right beside Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The project is a little more complicated and requires a patient hand, so it is great for that teen who's patiently waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letter. Grab all the details over on 30 Minute Crafts

DIY Harry Potter Prophecy Ball


More Than Thursdays

Does your little scryer want to see what the future holds? This DIY prophecy ball, just like the ones from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, might be able to give them some insight. The DIY prophecy gets its realistic look from combining water, food color, and a bunch of cotton balls. While it may not be full of wizarding magic, it will definitely play a magical trick on the eyes. Help them channel their inner Professor Trelawney and check out the directions over on More Than Thursdays.

Harry Potter Paper Roll Craft

easy-harry-potter-paper-roll-craft-In-Process 1

Ruffles and Rainboots

Ten extra points to Gryffindor for this charming paper roll craft! Head on over to Ruffles and Rainboots to see how she uses her magic to transform an everyday object into an adorable craft. The kids don't have to stop at just Harry, either. They can bring the whole gang to life through the paper rolls with her printable templates for Ron, Hermione, and Hedwig too.

Harry Potter Watercolor Art

Harry-Potter-Watercolor-Art-6 copy

Tried and True

This watercolor craft doubles as a cool art project to decorate their room, while showing off their love for the wizarding world. They can use any colors to fill in the Horcrux design, or use classic Hogwarts house colors to make it extra Pottery. Head on over to Tried and True to get all of the details. 

Crocheted Hedwig

crocheted hedwig

5 Little Monsters

Help your kid channel their inner Molly Weasley and pull out their crochet hooks to make this adorable little stuffed Hedwig. While this snowy owl will be no help in the mail department like the true Hedwig, it will be just as cute. 5 Little Monsters even includes a pattern to make a removable scarf for the owl — just in case she gets cold on all of her long journeys.

Updated June 2022