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12 Crafts for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be obsessed with them.

Margo Gothelf · 10 months ago

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be obsessed with them. Keep the legacy of these majestic animals alive with these DIY projects. See how you can make your own fossils or craft your own pair of dinosaur feet by checking out the list below.

1. Cardboard Dinosaur Feet


Red Ted Art

Learn how to walk just like the dinosaurs did with this dinosaur feet craft. To make the feet, you’ll need cardboard and some basic crafting materials for decorations. Once you’ve got the base of the feet ready to go, it’s time to decorate. Feel free to get creative with the bespoke feet for your little dino. When the feet are dry and ready to go, see who can walk the fastest or perform their best dinosaur stomp. Check out the details for this craft and get the printable template on Red Ted Art.

2. 3D Collage Dinosaur


Mini Mad Things

If you have a kid obsessed with dinosaurs and collaging, this is the perfect craft for them. Using cardboard and a crafting knife, trace and cut out a 3D dinosaur. Slide the pieces into each other, and then get ready to collage! Don’t be afraid to get extra creative in this process. Use different magazine cutouts, textured items like felt or fabric, or even give old artwork new life. Check out the details over on Mini Mad Things.

3. Dinosaur Handprint Cards

I think we can all agree that these dinosaur handprint cards might be the most adorable craft on this list. I mean,  just look at those big googly eyes! These friendly dinosaurs are made using a handprint cut out and are decorated with fun pom-poms and googly eyes. Try tracing the whole family’s hands to create different-sized dinosaurs to roam around. Check out the details for this project on The Joy of Sharing.

4. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils


Make Life Lovely

If your kids are big dinosaur lovers, chances are they would love to get their hands on a prehistoric fossil. While getting a real one might be a little tough, they can easily learn how to make their own from salt dough. Head over to Make Life Lovely’s blog and gather the supplies needed to make the dough. Once the dough is set, press in any dinosaur figurines that you have around the house to make one-of-a-kind fossils. You can even bury the fossils in rice and have your kids dig them out for a fun and engaging sensory activity.

5. Dinosaur Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Conserva Mom

Want to make a dinosaur craft but looking for something on the easier side? Head on over to Conserva Mom’s site and print out the template. Then let your kids color it in any way they please. Once they’re done, follow the instructions and cut down the marked lines. Then, wrap the paper around a toilet paper roll and your dinosaur is complete! It’s seriously that easy. You can even print out a few templates and make a whole pack of dinosaurs.

6. Dinosaur Eggs Fizzy Science Experiment

Learn how to craft your own dinosaur eggs from baking soda, food coloring, and water with this fizzy science experiment. This project can easily be adapted to other celebrations and holidays as well. Instead of placing a mini dinosaur figure in the middle, you can switch it out for a bunny for Easter or a pumpkin for Halloween. Just make sure to work on this one in a spot you don’t mind making a mess in. They can get pretty fizzy!

7. Dinosaur Suncatcher


Craft Corner DIY

Want to add fun decoration to your dinosaur-obsessed kid's room. This fun dinosaur suncatcher uses small pieces of tissue paper to replicate stained glass when the sun shines through it the right way. If you don’t have a bright window for the sun catcher, pick a bright space around the house and let the dinosaur bask.

8. Dinosaurs Clothespin Puppets


Easy Peasy and Fun

Ever wonder what dinosaurs would make of the modern world? Wonder no longer once you’ve brought them back as puppets! Check out Easy Peasy and Fun to print out the puppets. It’s as easy as cutting along the dotted lines and gluing the pieces to a clothespin. With the puppets are ready to go, set up a booth for a puppet show and let your kid’s imaginations go to work.

9. Dinosaur Lantern Jars

These glow-in-the-dark dinosaur jars will instantly upgrade any room. The jars are fairly easy to make, and you’ll probably have all the materials you need at home. The jars glow in the dark thanks to a thin layer of paint and a small tea light. See how you can make them for yourself over on Made To Be A Momma.

10. Dinosaur Handprint Art


Simple Everyday Mom

Get a little messy with paint and learn how to transform your handprint into a dinosaur with this craft from Simple Everyday Mom. Set up a clean space and paint your kid’s hand a bright color. Then have them spread out their fingers (especially that pinky) and let them stamp it on a sheet of paper. Allow the paint to dry fully, and then decorate your ‘saur and its surroundings.

11. Bubble Wrap Print Dinosaurs


In The Playroom

Next time you get a package filled with bubble wrap, save it all for this DIY dinosaur print project. The project uses bubble wrap as a stamp that gives the dinosaur cutouts a bumpy and unique texture. This painting technique can be used on pretty much any sheet of paper, so it’s a cool trick to master. Check out the details on In The Playroom’s site.

12. Super Simple Brontosaurus Dinosaur Craft

The Brontosaurus likely ate the leaves from very tall trees, so you’ll need to cut out a very long neck when making this paper dinosaur. When you’re done, you can use the extra scraps of materials to make trees that the dinosaurs can eat off of. Check out the details for the fun craft on Super Simple’s site.

Don't forget to pick up some art supplies to complete all these crafts in style: