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10 DIY Hanukkah Crafts To Make For A Bright Celebration

DIY projects you can make as you munch on latkes and sufganiyot!

Margo Gothelf · 8 months ago

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Happy Hanukkah! What better way to celebrate the festival of lights than with some great arts and crafts projects. These DIY projects will be fun to make as you munch on latkes and sufganiyot!

1. Marshmallow Dreidels


Playing dreidel is a Hanukkah tradition, but what about playing with dreidels that you can eat. This DIY marshmallow dreidel is just that and the perfect treat to celebrate the festival of lights. The edible dreidels use frosting as glue allowing everything to stick together while it spins. Head over to Hostess With The Mostess to learn how to make these simple DIY treats.

2. Hanukkah Joke Tellers


Hanukkah joke tellers are a great and quick craft that will also make everyone laugh. Head over to Bren Did’s blog and printout the tutorial. Once it’s printed, simply follow the instructions on how to fold them and get ready to have a good time.

3. Stained Glass Hanukkah Menorahs

The festival of lights takes on a different meaning with Upper West Side Mom’s stained glass menorah project. The menorah is made by using black construction paper and lots of colorful tissue paper. The tissue paper gives the menorah a stained glass effect when the sun shines through the paper. To get the best results, hang it up on a window in a super sunny spot.

4. Hanukkah Wall Hanging Craft

Hanukkah Wall Hanging Craft

This Hanukkah wall hanging craft will help you keep count of the nights of the holiday. The felt craft has a little pocket to represent all eight days. When the craft is complete, you can fill the pockets with gelt or dreidels for a little present each night.

5. Recycled Material Menorah

Buying a menorah is fun and all, but it's much more exciting to make your own menorah. Sort through your recycling bin and see what pieces fit together to create your own upcycled menorah out of recycled material. See how In Creations created one from Kinder Surprise containers for some inspiration.

6. Clothes Pin Hanukkah Menorah

We all know that fire and children aren’t a great combination. Luckily, Moms and Crafters have a clothespin menorah craft that will let your little ones “light” the menorah, without the risk of fire. The craft is super simple to create. You’ll need some cardboard, a bunch of clothespins, and some paint and stickers to decorate the “candles.”

7. Paper Flower Menorah

If you’ve outgrown the paper plate and popsicle sticks menorah, you might want to check out this paper flower menorah from The House That Lars Built. This project takes a basic menorah and upcycles it with a little spray paint and some delicate paper flows. If you have some extra paper flowers, you can make a flower crown for yourself to match!

8. Clay Dreidel


Here’s your chance to bring your favorite Hanukkah song to life with your own clay dreidel. This tutorial will give you all the details on what you need to make the spinning clay dreidels. When they are dry and ready, it’s go time! Make sure to have the “The Dreidel Song” on while you play.

9. Masking Tape Menorah

Simple Play Ideas has an easy masking tape menorah craft that's a great way to introduce your little ones to the Hanukkah menorah. Have them paint a canvas board and use masking tape to create a menorah, any size you would like. Then each night let the kids dip their fingertips into yellow or orange paint and have them "light" the flame.

10. Homemade Hanukkah Gelt

Skip the store-bought and try making your own chocolate gelt this year. Have your kids pick out different types of chocolate and pour them into molds. When they are ready to go, wrap them in foil just like the traditional coins. Find out more details on making the homemade treats over on The Monday Box’s blog.