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Get Your Hands on This DIY Slime Kit at Art CAMP

Our make-your-own slime kits let you squish your way to slimy satisfaction (sooo...goooooeey...)

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If you've ever played with slime, you know how weirdly satisfying it feels. So squishy! So gooey! So floppy! Who would ever think that something that's supposed to be kind of gross could actually be so ... awesome?

And if you've ever been to Art CAMP (currently at Columbus Circle in NYC and Dallas, TX), you know how amazing it feels to make cool stuff. Seriously, that's the whole point of Art CAMP: Make cool stuff! From ceramic painting to tie dye to splatter art to watercolor, there's nothing but cool crafty projects as far as the eye can see at Art CAMP.

Getting to make your own slime combines two awesome things — slime + making stuff — which is why Art CAMP offers DIY Slime Kits you can make in store (with help from friendly Counselors who seriously know their slimes) or at home, with custom colors, scents, and mix-ins that you get to choose!

It's seriously the most fun you can squish your hands into. But don't take our word for it — our Expert Kid Toy Tester gave the DIY Slime Kit a test drive and gave it two slime-covered thumbs up. See for yourself!

CAMP Kids Play With...The DIY Slime Kit at Art CAMP!

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