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10 Very Good Crafts For Anyone Who Loves Dogs

Who's a good craft? Who's a good craft?! <rubs construction-paper belly> <scratches behind floppy felt ears>

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


The Inspiration Edit

We can all agree that dogs are the best, right? The paws, the ears, the boop-friendly snoots… What’s not to love? Celebrate your Very Good Boy or Girl with these 10 crafts for dog lovers. Or if you don’t have a dog, your child can craft these adorable K9’s and have them around the house to pet, praise, and generally spoil rotten, just like a real doggo. Check out the list below for some doggy-themed DIY projects.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Easy Peasy and Fun

Toilet paper rolls might be the most underrated crafting material of all time. They literally can be turned into anything, including these very adorable dogs. You and your child can make a new best friend by combining a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll with cardboard, then decorating to look like your favorite dog breed. But honestly, it seems like the dachshund is just right for this project. See all the details on Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Easy Origami Dog

Easy Origami Dog

Red Ted Art

Want to know the best part about this project? It only requires a sheet of paper and markers. Head on over to Red Ted Art and watch the quick tutorial. Make sure you and your child have a piece of paper ready to go, so you can follow along with the instructions. Once you’ve got the hang of it, your kiddo can keep folding until they've got a whole litter of pups! 

3. Paper Bag Dog Craft

Paper Bag Puppy

The Inspiration Edit

Looking for a fast and easy but entertaining family craft? Then head straight to The Inspiration Edit and learn how to make this paper bag dog craft. The DIY project uses a brown paper bag and some felt to bring the floppy-eared pupperdogger to life. When it’s all dry, kids can use the paper bag like a puppet and put on a show about the dog’s adventures.

4. Pup Newspaper Art Project

Pup Newspaper Art Project

Arty Crafty Kids

Kids can create their own pup from recycled materials with this newspaper art project. Raid the recycling bin and gather a bunch of different paper products. Make sure to grab different materials to give the end product a colorful look. Then, head on over to Arty Crafty Kids and print out the full template to get started. This craft project is also great for kids who are mastering their scissor skills, as the template gives them ample opportunity to practice cutting.

5. Heart Dog Valentine's Day Card

Heart Dog Valentine's Day Card

Easy Peasy and Fun

Your kiddo will have no problem sending a lovable message with these heart dog cards. While these cards are made to be shared around Valentine’s Day, they make for an endearing card any time of the year. When your child is done making a batch of these cards, they can send them out to relatives and friends, or anyone who'd appreciate a little handmade puppy love note.

6. Shape Puppies

Shape Puppies

My Mommy Styles

Kids can craft an adorable dog while learning about shapes with this shape puppy craft project. The project uses a combination of different shapes to build a puppy out of construction paper. As your child follow the instructions, see if they can name each shape. When you are done with the craft project, hang it up so your kids can continue to practice their shapes by pointing to them on the puppy. Check out the details on My Mommy Styles.

7. Printable Dog Walking Toys

Dog Walkers

Handmade Charlotte

These little dogs on a leash just might be the easiest pets to take care of. Head on over to Handmade Charlotte and print out the templates. Then, your kids can get cutting and assemble the cardstock and attach to the straw leashes. This is definitely one dog that no one in the family will mind taking for a walk.

8. Dog Marionette Puppet

Dog Marionette

Easy Peasy and Fun

Your kids will be obsessed with walking this marionette dog puppet around the house. The little puppet combines recycled materials such as a toilet paper roll and magazines with typical crafting supplies to make an adorable dog that really walks on strings! The dog becomes mobile by making legs out of an upcycled corkscrew and yarn or string. Check out Easy Peasy and Fun to get started on this DIY doggy craft. 

9. Accordion Folded Dog

Accordion Folded Dog

Mess for Less

Want a really big dog? Maybe you'd prefer a really small pup? How about both! With this paper spring dog craft, your child can decide how big or small they want their dog to be. The craft uses a paper accordion as the body of the dog, allowing it to stretch out to their liking. Head on over to Mess For Less to see how your kids can make this craft.

10. Candy Bar Party Pups

Candy Bar Party Pups

Handmade Charlotte

The best part about these candy bar pups: The whole family can eat them when you are done building them! The little chocolate dogs are made using Twix bars, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Kisses, and lots of chocolate. The Tootsie Rolls work just like clay and mold easily to form the ears and tail of a dog. Check out the details on how to make this edible craft project over on Handmade Charlotte.  

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