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Make Pretty Spring Blooms With These Easy Paper Flower Crafts

While you wait for spring blooms to grow, make your very own flower garden out of paper!

Erica Silverstein · 7 months ago

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Crafts by Amanda

March winds and April showers should bring about ... paper flowers! Feel the spring fever and decorate your home with cheerful floral decor. We found tons of paper flower craft ideas for spring, with options for little hands as well as more nimble-fingered crafters. Try a few to create one-of-a-kind bouquets — no allergy medicine needed.

Easy Magazine Flower Craft


Organized 31

Rescue old magazines and catalogs from the recycling bin and transform them into floral art. All you need are scissors, a hole punch, and some pipe cleaners to make these paper flowers from Organized 31. The secret is cutting strips of paper in complementary colors, and avoiding having some magazine model's eye staring at you from a flower petal.

Tropical Paper Flower Craft


Crafts by Amanda

Wishing you were spending spring break on a Caribbean island? Make your staycation at home feel more exotic by decorating with tropical paper flowers. You’ll need the most colorful scrapbook paper you can find for this craft, which will surely give your kitchen or living room more of an island vibe. However, Mom will not be pleased if you dump sand and water on the floor to complete your beach scene.

Heart Flower Card



Hey, dads — don’t make mom supervise her own Mother’s Day card-making! These paper heart flower cards by Mombrite are preschooler-approved, but look oh-so-fancy. They also work well for spring birthdays, Easter, and teacher appreciation. Warning: You might get smothered in kisses and offered extra treats when you deliver one of these beauties.

Paper Flower Wreath

paper flower wreath

The Inspiration Edit

The holly is long gone, and your front door looks bare. Liven it up with a festive paper flower wreath for spring. This paper flower wreath tutorial from The Inspiration Edit is easy peasy; all you need is paper, scissors, and glue. These wreaths look lovely on a bedroom or classroom door, too!

Popsicle Stick Flower Craft



Who knew popsicle sticks had so many uses? In this paper flower craft by Mombrite, wooden craft sticks become the stems for your paper flowers. The blooms are origami’d out of paper, but don’t get anxious. It’s definitely entry-level paper folding that most kids can handle. Bonus activity: To display your finished flowers, cut the top off a cardboard egg carton, paint it green, and insert the sticks into the divider cones.

Coffee Filter Flowers


Hunny I'm Home

Coffee filters are another versatile pantry staple beloved by crafters. These ingenious paper flowers from Hunny I’m Home don’t need messy dye or paint; the color comes from washable markers, spread with a little water. We love the cut green-and-white striped paper straws as stems.

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms


Organized 31

If you live in an area with cherry blossoms, you know they’re a big deal when they bloom each spring, with entire festivals devoted to them. Get into the annual fun by creating your own tissue paper cherry blossoms. This craft starts in an unusual way — with a nature walk to find the right size branches. Then follow the instructions by Organized 31 to get crafty with some tissue paper and make your blossoms. Affix the faux flowers to your living branch, arrange them in a vase or glass jar, and you’ve got a sweet spring centerpiece for your dining room table.

Origami Tulips Craft


Mom Does Reviews

Colorful origami tulips will brighten up any room, but this craft is definitely one for older kids and parents. Our friends at Mom Does Reviews take you through the folding step-by-step with photos, so you can see exactly what to do. Get it right, and your crisp paper tulips are sure to impress family and friends.

Paper Daffodil Craft


Our Wabi Sabi Life

Daffodils are just the cheeriest flowers! When their white and yellow faces poke out, you know that spring has sprung. Give your home that happy spring feeling by creating paper daffodils out of craft paper. Use the daffodil templates on Our Wabi Sabi Life to create your bouquet.

Paper Roses


Real Life at Home

Say “I love you” with roses that won’t wilt and die in a week. The paper rose craft from Real Life at Home is a cinch to make, and you can choose whichever color flower suits your message. Red is for love, dark red for deep passion (ooh la la), pink for gratitude, yellow for friendship, and white for innocence and purity.

Paper Hyacinth Craft

paper hyacinth

One Little Project

Your paper flower bouquet is blooming with tulips, roses, and daffodils — now add something a little different with these curly paper hyacinths from One Little Project. This one takes more patience than art skills as you carefully roll each paper petal. But the end result is so pretty, it’s worth the time.