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9 Fingerpainting Crafts That Are Worth The Mess

Make cool original works of art using just your own two hands and some paint!

Margo Gothelf · 7 months ago

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Sometimes you’ve just gotta ditch the paintbrush and embrace the mess. Fingerpainting lets you use your fingers and hands to create original works of art — no extra supplies or endless paintbrush-washing required. Lay out a drop sheet, put on some smocks or old tshirts, and get elbow-deep in creativity with these fingerpainting craft ideas.

Cherry Blossom Branch Craft

Cherry Blossom Branch Craft

Fun Handprint Art

Stuck in that dull winter gloom? Pretend it’s a spring day with this fingerpaint cherry blossom branch project. Fun Handprint Art has all the instructions and materials needed for this surprisingly simple and pretty craft. When it’s dry, hang your bright cherry blossoms someplace visible in the house to give the room a little dose of spring.

Paper Plate Fingerprint Peacock

Paper Plate Fingerprint Peacock

I Heart Arts N Crafts

We can all agree that peacocks are the prettiest birds, right? (Sorry, emus.) Now you can transform a humble paper plate into a thing of beauty with this fingerpaint peacock craft. To bring the peacock to life, you’ll need a paper plate, shades of green and blue paint, some cardboard, and googly eyes. Get a full list of instructions over on I Heart Arts N Crafts.

Disney Thumbprint Princesses

Disney Thumbprint Princesses

Childhood 101

Bring your favorite Disney princess to life with just your thumbprint and a bit of paint. Head on over to Childhood 101 to see how she made these examples of fingerprint Disney princesses, and get inspired to create some princesses of your own. Recreate Belle in her iconic yellow dress, Moana in her signature red top and woven skirt, and Elsa in her icy blue gown.

Four Seasons Handprint and Fingerprint Tree Art


Rhythms of Play

Fingerpainting doesn’t always have to be an abstract mess of colors. Case in point: this four season tree project from Rhythms of Play. The project combines one main image over four different canvases to showcase a tree changing throughout the seasons. The tree is made from one giant handprint trunk and fingerprint leaves to represent each changing season.

Thumbprint Monsters

thumbprint monster

Doodle and Stitch

“Cute” and “funny” are probably not the first words you’d think of to describe monsters, but they’re spot-on for these thumbprint monsters. To make your own thumbprint monsters, dip your fingertips in paint and place them spaced out on a sheet of paper. The more fingertips you dip in paint, the more monsters you create. When they are dry, use markers to give them arms and legs, add in a bunch of googly eyes, or even give them a glittery outline. Good luck trying to make these creatures spooky! 

Handprint Rainbow

Handprint-Rainbow-Painting-Square copy

Kids Craft Room

2020 might have made us all love rainbows more than ever, and this craft project keeps the love shining. Grab a blank sheet of paper and a full set of crafting paints — you'll need every color of the rainbow after all! Use your hands as the paintbrush to make a full rainbow. Check out the full how-to on Kids Craft Room.

Fingerpaint Fireworks


3 Dinosaurs

Fireworks are no longer just for summer nights outdoors, thanks to this fingerpaint firework craft. Dip your fingers in glitter paint and drag them across a sheet of paper to create the ultimate explosion. You can even dip your fingertips in the glitter paint to make small sparklers across the bottom of the page. See the full tutorial over on 3 Dinosaurs.

Homemade Edible Toddler Finger Paint

Edible Fingerpaint

Savvy Sparrow

Okay, this idea might sound a little crazy at first but hear me out. What about painting with edible fingerpaint? Thanks to The Savvy Sparrow, now you won’t have to struggle to keep your toddler from trying to lick fingerpaint off their hands. (The only downside to this paint: Your finished products will have an expiration date.)

No Mess Finger Painting

No Mess Finger Painting

Happiness Is Homemade

If the mess of fingerpainting just doesn't sit well with you, you might want to try out this mess-free version. Simply fill a large Ziploc bag with a decent amount of craft paint and seal the bag. Make sure you add a strong layer of tape around the seal, as you don't want the paint to escape. Then, let your kids mush around the colors inside the bag, basically getting the same effect as fingerpainting.