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Fly Away With These Butterfly Crafts

Help kids come out of their cocoon by crafting a cute critter.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Who doesn't love a butterfly? The winged creatures are easily the most beautiful bugs to take to the sky — sorry, moths! Celebrate their unique and magical look by making some of these butterfly crafts with your kids!

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft


The Resourceful Mama

Even if you're not the world's biggest fan of flying bugs, butterflies are an exception. Their colorful wings make them some of the cutest creatures in the sky. Kids can make a butterfly of your very own with this toilet paper roll butterfly craft from The Resourceful Mama. They should pick out colors that are bold and bright to disguise the brown cardboard! 

Stained Glass Butterfly


Typically Simple

While butterflies are so pretty to look at, they typically don't stick around for too long — flitting from place to place is pretty much their m.o., so it can be hard to fully appreciate their beauty. But this stained-glass-inspired suncatcher butterfly will stay put all day long to let admirers gaze at its beautiful wings. The butterfly gets its stunning wings from tissue paper collage — kids should choose a bright array of colors when crafting. When they're done, hang it in the sunniest place in your house to watch the butterfly bask in all its glory.

Cupcake Liner Butterfly


The Joy of Sharing

This cupcake liner butterfly project is a good excuse to whip up a batch of cupcakes to snack on while you make your colorful creations. They're going to want to make the butterflies look extra sharp, so a clean and simple design — something like stripes, dots, or shapes works best. This way, it's easy to keep the design symmetrical, just like real butterfly wings.

Handprint Butterfly Craft


Simple Everyday Mom

Move over handprint turkeys – hello handprint butterflies! To make these precious butterflies, the kids are going to need to trace their hands using a marker and construction paper. Some assistance from you — or even a trusty sibling — might be helpful to make sure the whole hand makes the cut. Then, they can cut out the hands to create the wings. They can even get creative and trace YOUR hands to make bigger wings or combine the two to make their very own species of butterfly. See all of the details over on Simple Everyday Mom

Butterfly Mask


Simple Mom Project

Thanks to these butterfly masks, your kid won't have to spin theselves into a chrysalis to grow a pair of wings. Head on over to Simple Mom Project to print out the butterfly mask template. Then they can get to work decorating the mask however they like. They can go with bold colors, choose paints or markers, or even add some glitter to it. Once the design is ready, they might need your help to cut out the eye holes and add a piece of elastic string to make the mask complete.

Butterfly Snack Bags

IMG 8208-snack-bag-butterflies-fb

Kid Friendly Things to Do

You're probably familiar with monarch and cabbage white butterflies, but have you ever heard of the snack bag butterfly? This new, er, species might not be found in nature, but they will be found flying all over your house. To make a snack bag butterfly, have your kid raid the craft drawer to find anything extra colorful — items like pom poms, sequins, or even paper scraps. Whatever they find will be the base of the wings, so they should choose something that stands out. Find all of the details and more on Kid Friendly Things To Do

Butterfly Finger Knitting


Red Ted Art

This butterfly finger knitting craft from Red Ted Art will give you all the basics you need to get started on your kid's knitting journey. So what exactly is finger knitting? It's pretty much just like it sounds. Instead of knitting needles, the yarn goes right on your hand and weaves in and out between your fingers. Finger knitting is a great way to get comfortable with knitting because it gives kids all the ins and outs, just without the knitting needles. This is a great way to start giving it a try with these finger-knit butterflies. By the time the winter comes around, they'll be ready to knit the butterflies into a full scarf!

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

butterfly pipe cleaner rings

One Little Project

Have some pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors around? If you answered yes, then you are well on your way to making these pipe cleaner butterfly rings. Unlike a real butterfly, these little butterflies won't fly away — in fact, they'll happily perch on your finger all day long. Grab all of the details on how to make the little winged creatures over on One Little Project.

Butterfly Pasta Watercolors


Kids Activities Blog

Bowtie pasta is definitely one of the best pasta shapes. Not only are they fun to eat, but they also make excellent supplies when it comes to crafting, especially for this butterfly pasta watercolor art from Kids Activity Blog. The craft uses a little paint, glue, and pipe cleaners to transform the tasty dish into creatures ready to take flight. Kids can use a whole box of pasta and make a full enclosure of their own full of colorful flying creatures.

Updated June 2022