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6 Gardening Crafts That Will Start Your Spring Off Right

Warmer days are coming: Is your garden ready? Get your outdoor space spruced up for spring with these kiddo-friendly craft projects.

Deena Campbell · 6 months ago

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Spring is almost here: It’s so close we can juuuuuust about feel the sun warming our faces and arms. If you live in a cold climate, we know you’re ready to dive head first into warmer days, which is also code for outdoor craft time! And it doesn't get any craftier than these spring garden crafts to brighten up our home and backyard. Try these gardening crafts as we prep for warmer days and frolicking in the fresh air.

1. Cress Heads

Cress Heads Craft

Red Ted Art

Kids love making crazy faces, and this funny spring craft for green thumbs and advanced crazy-face-makers is a great way to tap into their creativity. Grab some egg shells, cress seeds and a marker and let the fun begin! A week or so later you can enjoy your homemade cress on sandwiches or salads. For step-by-step instructions, check out Red Ted Art.

2. DIY Garden Markers

garden markers

Meaningful Mama

No one has more plant pride than little ones, right? There’s something about growing Their. Very. Own. Plants that just lights up tiny faces with sheer joy. While you're waiting for this year's seedlings to sprout, whip out the pipe cleaners and beads to create these pretty DIY garden markers. Meaningful Mama has inspiration for making colorful keepsakes you’ll want to plant year after year. 

3. Bumble Bee Garden Stakes

bumblebee-side-view copy

Coffee With Us 3

Trying to teach the importance of recycling this spring? Make these bumblebee plant stakes, which transform upcycled old mustard bottles into a buzzing bee that’s sure to attract all types of birds and wildlife. This craft is also a fun indoor activity for these rainy spring afternoons. For the full how-to, visit Coffee With Us 3.

4. Button and Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars

pipe-cleaner-button-caterpillars copy

Coffee With Us 3

Two things all parents know to be true: newborns always cry in car seats, and pipe cleaners are excellent items for crafts. Seriously, all great crafts start with pipe cleaners and this one is no exception. Let your little one thread a pipe cleaner through the top two holes of a large button to create little plant friends. Check out Coffee With Us 3 to see how you can make a caterpillar in 10 minutes. 

5. Oreo-Brownie Flowerpot Cake


Happy Hooligans

Spring is the time to get your hands a little messy, right? Exactly. That’s why we love this flowerpot cake. It’s sloppy, super whimsical, but oh-so-tasty. Crush Oreos in a food processor, add brownies and rock candy and watch kids of all ages devour this tasty treat. It’s also perfect for spring gatherings or when you want a yummy snack that's a little out of the ordinary. For the complete recipe, visit Happy Hooligans.

6. Mini Zen Garden


See Vanessa Craft

One of the best things about gardening is that it provides a refuge of peace and tranquillity. What’s not peaceful, though, is finding a place to put plants where kids won't knock them over, spilling soil all over the place. We love making this mini zen garden that uses air plants that don't require much in the way of soil (yes, finally!) Check out See Vanessa Craft for instructions.