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29 Amazing Art Gifts for Creative Kids

Crafty gifts for crafty kids (or grown-ups)!

Bryan Sandstrom and Margo Gothelf


Is there such a thing as too many art supplies? Never! Expand your ever-growing collection of creative kick-starters and craft supplies with these gifts for kids who love to draw, paint, and create. From filling out their dream craft corner to finding ways to create like it’s the future, these gifts will jumpstart any imagination.

Kid Made Modern Arts And Crafts Supply Library

A must-have to fill out any crafting closet, this box has an enormous supply of beads, sequins, fuzzy sticks, and googly eyes. The possibilities are as endless as your child's imagination.

Hape All-In-1 Easel

With large sheets of paper, a whiteboard, space for paint, and legs that can extend as your child grows, this easel is a fantastic, kid-approved gift for any young artist.

Art Play Activity Book

Art can be, well...anything! Sometimes that can be daunting if it's not easy to know where to start — and that's where this activity book comes in. Art Play is full of artistic ideas to teach kids to tap into their creative ingenuity.

Little People, BIG Dreams: Frida Kahlo

A perfect, bite-sized introduction to the life of a major female art icon. The story of how Kahlo overcame a devastating childhood injury to become one of the most groundbreaking figures in art will inspire any young artist!

STMT DIY My Design Studio

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This DIY set is the perfect find for an artist who is starting to get serious. With high quality watercolor paints, pastels, and even paintbrush markers, your budding artist will have all the materials to fill their entire art pad. And don’t worry, the thick paper won’t distort with the water or paint!

3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set

Your creative kiddo can take their art to the next dimension — literally — with this 3Doodler pen that puts a 3D printer directly in the artist's hands. Instead of drawing on flat paper, your child will be drawing in the air as they start to build their ideas in 3D.

Ooly Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils

Is it a watercolor paint, a colored pencil, or both? The mechanical pencils in this pack are designed to help kids combine the wash look of watercolor paintings with the crisp lines of a pencil drawing. Kids can experiment with watercolors with zero mess and zero paintbrushes to rinse!

Kid Artists

Give inspiration to your young creator with this Kid Artists book. It details the childhoods of many of the world's most famous artists, from Dr. Seuss to Keith Haring to Beatrix Potter. Every great artist was once a kid, and this book will teach your children they can do anything.

Ooly Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers

It's never been easier to make drawings shine, thanks to the Ooly Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers. Each color in the 15-pack is loaded with glitter, making each drawing dazzle on the page. Don't worry about a lack of color either, as these markers come in every shade of the rainbow, plus five pastel options. 

Lanard Chalkie

If your young artist loves drawing with chalk, but you hate the mess that comes along with it, then you’re going to fall in love with Chalkie. The 10-piece Chalkie set is basically like giant markers, but for chalk. They still draw perfectly on pavement, but without all of the mess that would normally end up on hands and clothing. Plus, this chalk won't break off into a million little pieces. 

Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspiration from Great Artists

Even the greats like Picasso, Pollock, and Kahlo sometimes got stumped. Luckily, no artist's block stands a chance against this collection of advice and inspiration from history's greatest creators. Pick a card from the deck of Art Oracles and see what the artists have to say. With 50 cards in the deck, there's no shortage of creative inspiration.

Ooly Unmistakeables Erasable Colored Pencils

If colored pencils are your young artist's go-to medium, these erasable colored pencils are a must-have. Free your sketchers' imagination to fly across the page without fear of an "oops."

Kid Made Modern Giant Crazy Crayon

The Giant Crazy Crayon adds a little bit of wonder to any drawing. The crayon is actually 64 different colored crayons mashed together to form one mega swirl of colors. With this crayon in your child's hands, they never know what color is going to pop up next. 

Ooly White DIY Cover Sketchbook

For when your creative kiddo has graduated from coloring books and wants to start drawing and sketching freehand, a sturdy sketchbook of thick, unlined paper is a must. Every page is waiting for spontaneous creative ideas, so open it up and let's go!

Spirograph Deluxe Set

Did you know the Spirograph wasn't actually made to be a drawing tool? In fact, it was invented by a mechanical engineer named Denys Fisher, who meant for it to be a drafting tool. While its original design is still the same, its use has greatly shifted over the years. The 56-year-old design still holds up today and is a classic toy that has mesmerized generations of kids.

Petit Collage How To Draw Animals of The World

Ever wish you could meet a sloth? What about a narwhal or a flamingo? While your nature-loving young artists wait for their animal dreams to come true, this book will help them learn how to draw all their favorites, with step-by-step instructions for every skill level.

kiko+ & gg Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board Dog

For very young artists, this board is basically like an endless piece of paper, thanks to the magnetic tech inside. Kids can draw whatever they like on the board, and "walk the dog" across the bottom to start over from scratch. 

Ridley's Drawsome People Game

The game is all about getting your teammates to guess what you've drawn on the board according to the crazy prompts. While players don't need to be professional artists, drawing skills will definitely give you a leg up to help your team to victory. 

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Where STEM meets art, that's where Artie 3000 calls home. Who is Artie 3000 exactly? Artie 3000 is a robot that specializes in drawing whatever your child tells it to! Your child can write the code to watch Artie bring their creations to life. They'll quickly become the best artistic collaborators around! 

eeBoo Scratch Papers Rainbow

Your child can watch colors magically appear as they scratch away the black film on 20 different designs. They'll be surprised by the colorful patterns that reveal themselves with each satisfying scratch!

Open the Joy Origami Kit

The Creative & Colorful Origami Kit by Open the Joy is a great place to start learning about this amazing art form, with everything your child needs to make a variety of super cool origami creations. Choose from a colorful array of origami sheets and make planes, flowers, boats, animals, and more — the whole family will be origami masters after working your way through this set!

The Day the Crayons Quit

For any artist, the idea of their favorite tools just up and quitting on them is the stuff of nightmares — but in this charming, best-selling picture book by Drew Daywalt with pictures by Oliver Jeffers, it's more comic than tragic. And the idea that you can always find new ways to use old favorites in your creativity is a lesson that will stick long after the crayons have gone back to work.

Kid Made Modern Confetti Crayons

Your child can make drawings that look like they were shot with a confetti cannon using these unique multicolored crayons! Each stroke is a surprise as the multitudes of colors add depth and sparkle.

Kid Made Modern Gem Jackpot Crayons 12-Piece Set

It's easy to help imaginative kiddos feel like archaeologists with these gem-shaped crayons. They’re great for little hands to hold onto, and they allow for sharp lines and coloring in large spaces with ease!

Kid Made Modern Painting Essentials

Is your young artist ready to graduate from finger paints to painting essentials? This Kid Made Modern set has all of the necessities to let them try out their first paintings. Not to mention the adorable wooden palette to mix on!

Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceships Craft Kit

These wooden spaceships are an out of this world family craft that your child can play with afterwards. Your kiddo can paint a trio of spacecraft ready to fly through the galaxy, then add a futuristic flair with space-age stickers and paint.

Making in the Moment Pottery Wheel

Is your creative kid ready for 3D art? This pottery wheel has a foot pedal so that they can learn to spin their own bowl or pots, or use the terracotta air drying clay and sculpt with the 12 different tools. Finish off the project with some colorful paints!

Ooly Puffy Pens

These creative pens can do a magic trick! Your child can create drawings that start flat, but after adding heat they’ll start to expand and turn 3D! Perfect for making DIY cards with friends.

Pictionary Air

In this family game night classic, a little bit of artistic skill gives players a major competitive edge! Open up the included app and watch how what your family draws in the air magically appears on the screen — you can even broadcast the drawings onto your TV.

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker

The Pixicade Mobile Game Maker is a super-cool gift for kids who love to draw — and one of our picks for the coolest gifts this holiday season. It allows your child to create their own video game simply by drawing the levels. Just take pictures of drawings and upload them to the app, and the Pixicade makes art into a playable game right on a phone or tablet!

Sphero Specdrums

The future of art and music is here. Turn simple colors into musical tones with these Sphero Specdrums. With the accompanying app, players can turn the world into their own instrument. Imagine using chalk to make the driveway a giant piano, or creating music from one of your child's favorite paintings!

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