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24 Gifts For Creative Kids To Grow Their Artistic Imaginations

Crafty gifts for crafty kids (or grown-ups)!

Brian Sandstrom · 11 months ago

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This gift guide is filled with new artistic adventures for those creative young souls. From filling out their dream craft corner to finding ways to create like it’s the future, these gifts will jumpstart any imagination.

1. Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop Easel

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Melissa & Doug

This tabletop easel has a whiteboard, chalkboard, and roll of paper to explore multiple artistic mediums! With basic letter and number magnets, colorful chalk, and whiteboard markers, your little one will have the perfect space to learn and express their creativity.

2. Art Play Activity Book


Laurence King Publishing

Art can be, well … anything! Sometimes that can be daunting if you don’t know where to start, but that's where this activity book comes in. Art Play is full of artistic ideas to teach your kids that they can create with ingenuity and materials they had never thought of using before.

3. Mindware Spindippity Art

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Mix colors like you never have before! Spindippity will literally have you spinning your canvas to create unpredictable and beautiful pieces of art. Spin your way to being the next Jackson Pollock!

4. Kid Made Modern Arts And Crafts Supply Library

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Kid Made Modern

The perfect addition to fill out any crafting closet, this box has an enormous supply of beads, sequins, fuzzy sticks, and googly eyes. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

5. Kid Made Modern My First Arts And Crafts Library

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Kid Made Modern

This library is a little smaller, and it has all the essentials to start off a young artist’s crafting station. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes, this library will jumpstart any imagination into the world of crafting.

6. Hape All-In-1 Easel

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With large sheets of paper, a whiteboard, space for paint, and legs that can extend as your child grows, this easel will become a staple in a young artist's collection.

7. DoodleMatic Interactive Mobile Game Creating Starter Kit

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DoodleMatic has created one of the coolest gifts this holiday season. It allows you to create your own video game simply by drawing the levels. Just take pictures of your drawings and upload them to the app, and DoodleMatic will allow you to make it into a playable game right on your phone.

8. Quarto Little People, BIG Dreams: Women In Art Book Set



The three books in this set each detail the life of a major female art icon. From Coco Chanel to Frida Kahlo to Audrey Hepburn, these books will inspire your young artist and prove that they can change the world just like these powerful women.

9. STMT DIY My Design Studio

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This DIY set is the perfect find for an artist who is starting to get serious. With high quality watercolor paints, pastels, and even paintbrush markers, your budding artist will have all the materials to fill their entire art pad. And don’t worry, the thick paper won’t distort with the water or paint!

10. 3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set

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Get ready to take your art to the next dimension with this 3Doodler pen that puts a 3D printer directly in your hands. Instead of drawing on flat paper, you’ll be drawing in the air as you start to build your ideas in 3D.

11. Kid Made Modern Painting Essentials

KMM K609 Painting101 OH 900x

Kid Made Modern

Ready to graduate from finger paints to painting essentials? This Kid Made Modern set has all of the necessities for trying out your first paintings. Not to mention the adorable wooden palette to mix on!

12. Ooly Kaleidoscope Multi-Colored Pencils — Set Of 10

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Each of these kaleidoscope pencils has five different colors swirled together inside. That means that each stroke will be a colorful surprise! Imagine the amazing rainbow creations you can make with these.

13. Penguin Random House Kid Artists Book


Penguin Random House

Give inspiration to your young creator with this Kid Artists book. It details the childhoods of many of the world's most famous artists, from Dr. Seuss to Keith Haring to Beatrix Potter. Every great artist was once a kid, and this book will teach your children they can do anything.

14. Sphero Specdrums

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The future of art and music is here. You can turn simple colors into musical tones with these Sphero Specdrums. With the accompanying app, players can turn the world into their own instrument. Imagine using chalk to make your entire driveway a giant piano, or creating music from one of your favorite paintings.

15. Pictionary Air

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A competitive art game that has your team racing to guess your drawings, Pictionary Air will have the whole family laughing. Open up the included app and watch how what you draw in the air magically appears on the screen! You can even broadcast the drawings onto your TV.

16. eeBoo Scratch Papers Rainbow

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Do you ever have trouble choosing which colors to use? Well, these rainbow papers will have the colors magically appear as you scratch away the black film. You’ll be surprised by how colorful and satisfying these sheets are.

17. Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Craft Kit

WoodenSpaceshipKit Alt1 900x

Kid Made Modern

These wooden spaceships are an out of this world family craft that you can play with afterwards. Imagine how you would want to look as you fly through the galaxy and add a futuristic flair with space-age stickers and paint.

18. Ooly Puffy Pens



These creative pens will surprise you with their magical trick! When you first use them, your drawings will appear flat, but after adding heat they’ll start to expand and turn 3D! Perfect for making DIY cards with your friends.

19. Kid Made Modern Gem Jackpot Crayons 12-Piece Set

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Kid Made Modern

These gem-shaped crayons will have you feeling like an archaeologist as you draw them across the paper. They’re great for little hands to hold onto, and they allow for sharp lines and coloring in large spaces with ease!

20. Kid Made Modern Confetti Crayons


Kid Made Modern

After you draw with these multicolored crayons, your paper will look like it was shot with a confetti cannon! Each stroke is a surprise as the multitudes of colors add depth and pizzaz.

21. Kid Made Modern My First Painting Collection

KMM K610 MyFirstPainting 900x

Kid Made Modern

The perfect set for kids to begin their exploration into painting. With brushes, daubers, and rollers, any child will have their imagination whirring as they explore colors, shapes, and strokes.

22. Making In The Moment Pottery Wheel

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Making In The Moment

Is your creative kid ready for 3D art? This pottery wheel has a foot pedal so that they can learn to spin their own bowl or pots, or use the terracotta air drying clay and sculpt with the 12 different tools. No matter how you make it, finish off the project with some colorful paints!

23. Dan&Darci Rock Painting Kit

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Everyone loves to create their own imaginary pets, and this Rock Painting Kit will have your entire family making little creatures. Make a rock garden come alive with cute and colorful characters that kids will love to paint!

24. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

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Learning how to draw? This Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad is the perfect tool to trace line art and learn dimensions and shapes. Use the locking frame to hold the paper in place for tracing, then take it off the pad and color in your new art!