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Gifts for Kids Who Love Comics and Anime

Toys, books, and more for the comic book fan in your life.

Olivia Armstrong



If you have a tiny crime-fighter, villainous mastermind, or anime-loving adventurer living under your roof, you know all too well that with great power comes great responsibility ... to equip them with the gear to get out there and do what they do best — whether that’s saving the world or plotting its demise, muahaha. These clothes, accessories, toys, books, and activity kits are perfect for comics and anime fans of all ages who thrive when they’re at their most imaginative. 

Kid Made Modern Comic Book Kit

Your kiddo can create their own epic tales of adventure, action, and discovery with this awesome comic book kit. Inside the box you'll find 2 24-page books with panels for your little one to make their own strips, plus a full set of washable markers, stencils, and ink pads and stamps to lay out a classic "ZOOM," "POW," or "WACK!" on the bad guys.

Klutz My Superhero Starter Kit

Every superhero needs a name and a backstory but most importantly — they need to discover what makes them super. The My Superhero Starter Kit from Klutz has everything required to help your little kick-start their hero’s journey, including a handy book to help with choosing a special power (or imagining their own!).

Color-In Comic Cape

You don’t need a cape to fly, but it sure does make it way more fun. With the Selfie Clothing Co. Color-In Comic Cape, your kiddo will harness the power of creativity to fill in their superhero origin story and own their look so they can suit up for action in style.

Mindware Superkid in Training

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the Mindware Superkid in Training game! This action-packed obstacle course will put your kiddo's superpowers to the test. Small friends will navigate each challenge with superhuman strength, agility, and balance and learn that it takes more than a mask and a cape to become the ultimate superhero.

Little Mashers Chalkboard Super Power T-Shirt

What’s your superpower? Think about it. Is it defying gravity? Reading minds? Climbing walls? All of the above? These are questions your small friend will answer for themselves! The Little Mashers Chalkboard Super Power T-Shirt leaves it up to your kiddo to decide — and change — as their super skills grow and evolve over time. 

Justice League Lunch Bag

Your kiddo will surely turn lunchtime into an adventure by strutting into the cafeteria in style with this Justice League Lunch Bag — featuring Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. The only thing cooler than its insulated interior is that it’s adorned with its very own cape.

The Super Book for Superheroes

If you could create your very own superhero universe, what exactly would it look like? The Super Book for Superheroes helps your kiddo answer just that, with pages for coloring, drawing, and bringing their own awesome world to life. It also contains activities and ideas to expand their world, like inventing sidekicks and discovering superpowers they never thought possible.

Marvel Blast Gear Titan Captain America

Avengers, assemble! Cap is closing in on the target, but he needs your kiddo's help getting off the ground. Send Steve Rogers skyward with the Marvel Blast Gear Titan Captain America action figure set. It comes with a launchpad, projectiles, and of course, the Captain’s iconic shield (Just make sure he hangs onto it. Yeesh, he’s always dropping that thing). 

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep

Did you know Batman gets at least eight hours of rest when he isn’t busy taking down bad guys? And word on the street is Wonder Woman loves a good nap. Amen, sister. Even Superheroes Have to Sleep proves you can be just like the superheroes you know and love — and bedtime only makes you and your special powers stronger. Your new favorite nighttime story to read to your little comes with stickers and a reward chart to show off after they’re done dreaming about saving the world. 

Akedo Battle Arena

Let’s get ready to rumble! Enter the Akedo Battle Arena, where the title of Ultimate Battle Warrior is up for the taking. This arcade-style fighting game comes with two fierce warriors — Tuxedo Chux Lee and Screenshot — who need your kiddo's help to crown a champion. The arena is designed to host any and all Akedo warriors and can transform into the Ultimate Akedo Dojo for the characters to train and hone those epic fighting skills!

Pokémon Pikachu Sun-Staches

Protect your kiddo's eyes from harmful rays and make Team Rocket quiver in their boots with these Pokémon Pikachu Sun-Staches. Not only will your little be ready for the outdoors, but they'll be primed to enter the Pokémon arena with confidence — and catch ‘em all! 

Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game

OK, OK, villains may have a bad rap, but let’s give credit where credit is due: They’re wicked impressive strategists. Small friends will venture into the shadows of their favorite fairytales with the Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game. Not only are they allowed to scheme their way to the top — it’s encouraged. (Psst, hey Superheroes… It might not hurt to get a peek at the opponent’s playbook, wink-wink).

Gift Republic Comic Photo Frame

Remind your little one how super they are by decorating their room with the Gift Republic Comic Photo Frame! Your kiddo will feel like images of their real life have been pulled straight out of the pages of a comic book (the heroic, awesome kind, of course) – you can position the pics just right to create a real-life masterpiece worthy of a Stan Lee classic.