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12 Must-Have Gifts for the Aspiring Young Writer in Your Family

The perfect gifts for fledgling writers in your family this holiday season!

Daniel Fernandez · about 2 months ago


Hmmm, is it just me or does it look like there’s something wrong with the New York Times bestseller book list? Oh, of course. ... *facepalms self at what was so obviously wrong this entire time* ... That's what's so out of place! YOUR little one’s book isn’t on there!

Maybe you have a child who spends most of their days coming up with imaginary worlds and characters. Or your niece or nephew is always talking about how they want to become a world-class investigative journalist. Or maybe the kid you babysit is constantly sharing an epic story they’ve made up as you try to get them to eat dinner. Well, it sounds like you’ve got an aspiring young writer on your hands, and this holiday season, we’ve compiled an incredible list of gifts that will bring a smile to their beautiful little ink-smeared faces. 


Your little one's gonna need some tools to help them take the fantastic ideas they’ve got swirling around in their heads and put them to paper. These resources will make the writing process fun, colorful, and even … scented! Mechanical Coming Up Roses Pencil Set

Sure a regular ol’ No. 2 would do, but why not try something new? The minimal and stylish design of’s mechanical pencils makes for a smooth and elegant writing experience.

Ooly Kaleidoscope Multi-Colored Pencils

A kaleidoscope of colors at your fingertips is just what you need to push past writer’s block. In this set of 10, each pencil has its own color-changing lead with up to five different colors in each stroke!

Ooly Erasable Markers

Whether your little one is making edits to a new screenplay, a short story, or a 7,942 page Finding Nemo fan-fiction, making spelling or grammatical corrections just got a whole lot more colorful with Ooly’s erasable markers. The only thing “permanent” about these markers is how much you’ll love using them!

Ooly Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers

Does your little aspiring writer like French pastries? Do they like things that smell like vanilla? Do they like being able to erase their mistakes? Do you see where I’m going with this?! These macaron-shaped, vanilla-scented erasers by Ooly make correcting mistakes fun!


I know Hollywood likes to paint writers as messy and scatterbrained, but I’ll have you know that writers are some of the most organized and focused people I know (and I am not biased in the slightest, thank you very much)! Your aspiring writer is going to need to learn how to organize their thoughts, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines, so here are some great organizational options for your little one to get their mind in order! 

STMT D.I.Y. Journaling Set

You know what most great writers have in common? They all keep a journal for their thoughts, bits of conversations they hear on the playground, and even doodles. This make-your-own-journal set comes with a 70-page journal, keychains, sticker sheets, and magnetic bookmarks to help them stand out.

Knockpad: To-Do

One of the most important skills a writer can develop is their ability to meet deadlines! But it’s even more important to be able to keep things organized and figure out the best order for getting things done. The Knockpad: To-Do is a true “Planner’s Planner,” and it will help keep your little one’s mind sharp and focused.

Pad of Butter Notepad

No, we’re not talking about an actual pad of butter, but this butter shaped notepad is a fun way for our favorite writers to jot down quick little notes to themselves to re-visit. Or play a prank and put this on someone’s toast. It’s honestly quite versatile.


Some days your little one will be struck with inspiration from the moment they wake up, and some other days the ideas just won’t come. As unfortunate as that may be, my man Pablo Picasso said it best: “Inspiration exists, but it needs to find you working.” These recommendations are surefire ways of getting the creative juices flowing.

Spark Creativity: 50 Ways to Ignite Bright Ideas

Remember what Mom said about never touching the matchsticks? Well in this case, I don’t think that applies. These faux matchsticks all have creative prompts painted on them that will get you thinking and creating in a different way.

Gift Republic - 100 Things To Do with Mum

A life well lived is a life worth writing about! (Hey, I just made that up, and it’s not bad at all.) This cool scratchable poster has 100 different activities your little one can go out and do with their Mom (or Pop, despite the title) and then write all about it later!

Jonathan Adler: Rainbow Hand Puzzle

If an idea just isn’t coming or a character doesn’t make sense, sometimes the best thing a writer can do is walk away from the page and give their idea some space as they occupy themselves in a different way. What better way to keep that brain active than by focusing on something stimulating like a puzzle?

Kid Artists: Creative Legends

It’s easy to forget that our favorite artistic geniuses were all just kids at one point. "Kid Artists" tells hilarious stories about creative legends like Leonardo Da Vinci and Frida Kahlo as kids, and it will serve as a great source of inspiration for your budding artist.

You Are Ready! The World is Waiting

If you have a writer in your family, you know how hard they can be on themselves and how critical they can be of their own work. Children’s author Eric Carle uses his well-known colorful artistic style and uplifting message that “you have all you need inside you to succeed” to encourage readers to keep pushing through tough spots in their lives.

Woohoo! Your little one has done it. They’ve finished their book and they’re ready to share their work with the world. Now all you’ve gotta do is start messaging editors and literary agents and reaching out to designers for help on the cover and get in touch with a PR company and, you know what? I’ll just go put on a pot of coffee … 

We hope this list of must-haves for your aspiring writer helps to get them started exploring this extremely rewarding and creative path this holiday season!