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Trick Yourself Out with These Spooky-Ooky Halloween Face Paint Designs

For a spooky-but-not-too-spooky Halloween look, try a skull, zombie, pumpkin, horns, or creepy doll!

Sarah Burns · 3 months ago

Spooky Face Paints

Muhuahaahahahahahahahaha! Spooky season is upon us, and for those that love a good scare, any old costume just won’t do; this calls for the classics. Pumpkins, zombies, and skeletons, oh my! Before you start your scaring, make sure to check out our complete Face Painting Guide and you’ll be spooky-face-painting like a pro.

Pumpkin Chin

Pumpkin Chin - Close

This look is a fantastic Halloween option that keeps paint away from sensitive eyes. The final result is a funny optical illusion: People won’t know whether to look at the wearer’s eyes or the pumpkin’s, and the wearer will 100% spend the evening making goofy faces at themselves and other revelers. Pair with an orange or black shirt, and you’re good to go!

Colors You'll Need:

  • Orange

  • Green

  • Brown

  • Black

  • White

Pumpkin Chin - Step 1

1. Add white under the nostrils (kind of like big boogers...sorry).

Pumpkin Chin - Step 2

2. Fill in with orange around the cheeks, chin, and nose as shown.

Pumpkin Chin - Step 3

3. Add a green stem down the bridge of the nose, and a vine off to the side.

Pumpkin Chin - Step 4

4. Use brown to add detail to the stem.

Pumpkin Chin - Step 5

5. With black, fill in the pupils, and outline the pumpkin, stem, and vine.

Pumpkin Chin - Step 6

6. Add some highlights with white.


Step 4

Braiiiinnnsss! Feed your hunger for a super scary face paint with this comic-style zombie, and skip the icky blood and nightmares.

Colors You’ll Need:

  • Green

  • Pink

  • White

  • Black

Step 1

1. Outline the shape of the brain in pink, and fill the shape.

Step 2

2. Outline the shape of the skull in green, and fill the shape.

Step 3

3. Use black to make tooth lines on your upper lip; outline the skull and brain in black. Add black circles around the eyes.

Step 4

4. Add white highlights along the black outline of the skull and brain.

Monster Horns

Monster Horns - Step 3

Unleash your inner beast with a pair of monster horns that look like they're growing right outta your head!

Colors You’ll Need:

  • White

  • Black

  • Horn color of your choice (we used green, but we’ve also heard tell of a One-Eyed One-Horned Purple People Eater…)

Monster Horns - Step 1

1. With white, create two curved triangle horns on the forehead above the eyebrows.

Monster Horns - Step 2

2. Add the color of your choice around the base of the horns, and blend out the bottom edges.

Monster Horns - Step 3

3. Outline horns and base in black, and add white highlights around the black outline.


Skull Step 5

No bones about it — this skull face paint is classically creepy, and super simple to apply. Go full on skeleton, or wear a dark hooded robe to get your spookin’ on.

Colors You'll Need:

  • White

  • Black

Skull Step 1

1. Cover entire face with white.

Skull Step 2

2. Add black around the eyes, and blend in – it doesn’t have to be super neat, and looks cool a little smudged!

Skull Step 3

3. Add teeth over lips in black.

Skull step 4

4. Add a few cracks with black.

Skull Step 5

Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll - Step 5

It’s the playmate no one asked for, and you can be absolutely sure they move on their own when no one is watching.

Colors You'll Need:

  • White

  • Black

  • Red

  • Light foundation

Creepy Doll Step 1

1. Use a foundation a few shades lighter than your skin all over your face.

Creepy Doll Step 2

2. With red, fill in a tiny doll mouth over your own mouth.

Creepy Doll Step 3

3. Use white to fill in half circles under the eyes, and add a small highlight to the lips.

Creepy Doll - Step 4

4. With black, outline around the half circles, and over the eyes along the eye socket. Add eyelashes along the bottom.

Creepy Doll - Step 5

5. Use black to outline lips, and add freckles.

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