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10 Homemade Wind Chimes You Can Make to Blow in the Breeze

Make musical DIY danglers from keys, old silverware, beads, or seashells.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Inner Child Fun

Picture this: you're sitting outside in your backyard or porch, listening to the birds chirp and admiring the sunset. The only thing that would make this even better? A wind chime to gently sing in the breeze as you relax. Create one for yourself to hang in the yard or on the patio from the list below. These DIY chimes are guaranteed to make spring and summer sound even sweeter!

1. Beaded Wind Chime

Beaded Wind Chimes

First Palette

If you’re a regular crafter, chances are you have a stash of beads ready to go. Instead of using them to craft necklaces and bracelets, turn them into wind chimes to add a splash of color to your backyard. Once you’ve mastered the design, make a few more to hang outside and turn your wind chimes into a choir for the ears. 

2. Key Wind Chime


Inner Child Fun

Every house has that random drawer full of keys that just don’t simply fit a lock. Instead of letting them take up space, upcycle them into a trendy wind chime to display above your garden. Paint the keys to give them a bright and vibrant look, and string them onto a branch so they can sway in the wind. Head on over to Inner Child Fun to grab all the details. 

3. Nature Suncatcher Wind Chime


Hands On As We Grow

The best part about making this nature wind chime? You get to go on an exciting nature walk to source materials. On your nature walk, look out for bright flowers and fun-looking leaves or sticks — just make sure to stay away from that poison ivy. When you’re done collecting, stamp your items in between two pieces of contact paper to preserve your treasures. The flowers you collect this spring will sway in the sun all summer long.

4. Sea Glass Wind Chime


Rhythms of Play

Give your backyard a little taste of the beach with this sea glass wind chime. Don't worry about needing to have a large collection of sea glass to make this bright wind chime. Store-bought sea glass beads give off the same beachy vibe. String together your favorite colors, followed by a small bell for sound. After you hang it up, let it float in the wind and let those sounds bring you right back to the beach.

5. Recycled Jar Wind Chime

recycled can windchimes

Hands On As We Grow

Digging through the trash is something you don’t normally get excited about, but this upcycled wind chime craft will get you psyched about doing just that. For this craft, you'll need about six or seven different jars or lids — so choose wisely! Try to pick an assortment of multiple sized items and materials, that way everything will give off a different sound when they sway in the wind. See what else you'll need to make the craft complete over on Hands On As We Grow

6. Washer Wind Chime

nuts-and-bolds wind chime

One Time Through

While you’re impatiently waiting for the flowers to bloom in your backyard, might I suggest hanging up this washer wind charm to add a pop of color to tide you over? The best part about this wind charm is that it can be personalized in any way. Want to make it with all neon colors? How about with splatter paint? Go for it!

7. Recycled Marker Caps Wind Chime


Crafting Cheerfully

If you’ve got young artistes at home who aren't the greatest about capping their markers when they finish drawing, you may have a bunch of dried-out markers on your hands. Instead of throwing them out, save the caps and repurpose them into an abstract wind chime. Add a little pop of color using any style of bead to bring the whole wind chime together. You can even bring this one inside during the winter to hang up and decorate any room.

8. Seashell & Sea Glass Wind Chime


Hearth and Vine

Next time you head to the beach, bring along a bag to collect a bunch of extra shells and save them to make this wind chime (or use store-bought seashells and glass — it'll look just as pretty). Hang it up and listen to the shells sway in the wind — it will almost be like you are at the beach, even on the dreariest of days.

9. Bottle Cap Wind Chime


Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

What happens when you combine bottle caps, colored wire, and beads? You get this DIY bottle cap wind chime. The simple design provides a subtle, charming sound, perfect for relaxing outdoors on a warm summer night. Check out all of the details on how to make a bottle cap wind chime over on Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

10. Cutlery Wind Chime

Silverware Windchime

Red Ted Art

Wind chimes can be made with just about anything. Case in point: this silverware wind chime. I know cutlery might not be your first thought when it comes to art supplies, but it's the perfect fit if you are looking for an out-of-the-box craft. Still not convinced? You'll be into it after you see how Red Ted Art jazzes up the forks and spoons with a little decorative beading.