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Make Glove Monster Friends From Lonely Solo Gloves

Got a glove who's lost its partner? Give it a new life as a cute lil' glove monster!

Camp + Project Kid by Amanda Kingloff

Glove Monster

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Chances are your coat closet is home to some sad, lonely single gloves that have lost their BFFs. Instead of tossing them, let kids give them a new life by adding some crafty bits and bobs and turning them into puppets or silly stuffies. The joy of making these characters is that there are no rules — one eye or ten eyes, your child's glove monster will be one-of-a-kind!

What you need:

  • Single, lonely gloves looking for a new purpose in life

  • Fabric glue, hot glue, or tacky glue

  • Felt fabric in various colors or patterns

  • An assortment of craft supplies, like pom-poms, sequins, buttons, rhinestones, ribbon, googly eyes, and so on

  • Polyfill batting (or anything you can crumple up and use to stuff your glove monster, like stuffing from an old pillow)

  • Optional: binder clips or clothespins

Glove monster materials

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

To make a glove puppet

Glove monster puppet

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

It’s easy to make a glove into a puppet: Just start decorating! Using fabric glue or a glue gun, attach pom pom buttons, googly eyes, yarn hair, and legs (or tentacles!) made of felt. And sequins! Glove puppets love sequins.

Pro tips for glove puppeteers-in-training: Try to avoid wrapping a rigid material with no stretch (like ribbon or yarn) around the wrist or fingers — that way you can still put your hand and fingers inside the glove! Also, go light on the glue so it doesn't seep through the fabric.

To make a stuffed creature

Glove stuffie

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Stuff the glove with soft filler and seal the opening of the glove with glue. You may want to use binder clips or clothespins to help hold the seal until the glue dries.

While every glove needs five fingers, every glove monster doesn’t! You don’t have to keep the fingers where they usually go: Bend them back, or cut them off and reattach them to give your monster some personality. Hot glue (used by an adult) is best for reattaching the fingers to your stuffed glove monster.

More decoration ideas

Glove Monster Stuffie

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Eyes can be made out of cut felt (trace a coin if you want a perfect circle!), pom-poms, beads, buttons, and googly eyes.

Buttons, pom-poms, and beads make good noses. Or cut a small triangle from felt and pinch it with glue between the layers to make a nose shape.

Make tiny hands from a small felt rectangle. Fringe one end to create fingers. 

Add clothing, belts, and jewelry using felt, yarn, beads, and other embellishments.

To make hair, first knot a bunch of ribbons, string, or yarn together. That way, you don’t have to glue on individual strands.