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Upcycle Old T-Shirts With This Easy Craft

Give that old tee a new life — and a new shape!

Camp + Project Kid by Amanda Kingloff · 6 months ago

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Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

A house with kids means a house full of stray trinkets — rock collections, stray Legos, and that orange kazoo that they just HAD to have! With all the “gifts” that our young collectors amass, there are never too many containers to hold these treasures.

That's why this project is such a great two-fer: You get clutter-corralling power and you get to re-use old stuff that might have been destined for the trash! Upcycle old T-shirts — perhaps ones that are stained or ripped — to create these easy-to-make bowls that will help calm the clutter for everyone!

Other than an old t-shirt, here's what you'll need:

How to Make It:

1. Place your bowl upside down and cover it with plastic wrap.

2. Cut a piece of your T-shirt big enough to cover the upside-down bowl.

3. Dip fabric in Mod Podge and squeeze out the excess.


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

4. Drape the glue-soaked material over the plastic wrapped bowl, and smooth it down with your fingers to the shape of the bowl. Let it dry completely.


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

5. Once it’s dry, tug and loosen the plastic wrap to help release the inner bowl from the fabric bowl. Trim the ends with scissors.


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Use your t-shirt bowls to store odds and ends, pens and pencils, or those little toys that seem to scatter everywhere!