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Learn From The Greats By Creating Art Inspired By Famous Artists

Take a page out of these artists’ (sketch) books to create your own art pieces with a reminiscent twist!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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Behind every great artist, there is almost always an artistic great who was a formative source of inspiration. For Georgia O’Keeffe, it was Arthur Wesley Dow. For Claude Monet, it was Eugène-Louis Boudin. Which artist inspires you?

The following art projects encourage you to find out! Discover the artistic styles and methods of these influential artists by creating these exciting crafts. As a budding artist, there’s no better way to stimulate your creativity than by creating art inspired by artists that inspire you!

Frida Kahlo Craft

Sugar Spice And Glitter

Sugar Spice And Glitter

No one does self-portraits quite like Mexican artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo. The way she expressed herself through her art continues to captivate viewers, while her prominent unibrow, flower crown, and jet-black hair cemented her face into the cultural consciousness. What better way to pay homage to the artist than by creating a piece of art in her image? This simple, easy, and creative paper craft brings her to life in an explosion of color that Kahlo herself would approve! 

Find out how to create your very own at Sugar Spice And Glitter.

Gustav Klimt Craft

Austrian painter Gustav Klimt was one of the most radical artists of his time, pushing the boundaries of conventional art while paving the way for artists of the future. His intensely detailed pieces are among the things that set him apart and inspire artists to this day. Develop a shared appreciation for his work by creating unique patterns reminiscent of the artistic icon, and make it your own by completing this simple craft packed with creativity.

Find instructions on Art Projects For Kids!

Salvador Dali Craft


Spanish artist and surrealist icon Salvador Dali is perhaps best known for his painting of melting clocks, titled “The Persistence of Memory.” The next project is a three-dimensional take on this iconic art piece that involves crafting “melting” clocks out of paper plates. It takes no time to make, so you and your fam won’t have your eyes on the clock when creating this craft!

Follow these easy-to-follow instructions at Kaydee Runkel.

Claude Monet Craft


Projects with Kids

French painter Claude Monet was one of the founders of the impressionist movement, and the pieces in his “Water Lilies” series are among his most famous. Over the last three decades of his life, Monet devoted himself to painting water lilies, returning to the aquatic plant time and time again to create approximately 250 paintings. Pick up from where he left off to produce your own water lilies series by doing this vibrant craft with the fam.

Head on over to Projects With Kids to create your own!

Jean-Michel Basquiat Craft


Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat made a profound impact on the art world and popular culture. Known for his graffiti-like images and scrawled text, Basquiat played by his own rules, defying convention and rewriting what it means to be a professional visual artist. Adopt his love of raw, jagged lines, bright colors, and eccentric style to create Basquiat-inspired art.

Go to Woo! Jr. Kids Activities to learn how!

Jackson Pollock Craft

deveritt / Getty Images

deveritt / Getty Images

Famous for his legendary “drip paintings,” New York-based abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock created a unique painting technique called action painting. He would splatter, drip, and pour paint directly onto a flat canvas in dramatic sweeping gestures. Unleash your creative side to create your very own drip paintings — there’s no right or wrong way to drip, drizzle, splatter, and splash paint to create a Pollock-style piece of art.

See how it’s done by heading over to Happiness Is Homemade.

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