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Become A Clay Pâtissier and Create Some Make-Believe Macarons

That’s "pah-tees-syay."

Camp Crafts

These delectable clay treats look good enough to eat and are a fun project for kids who love to make play food in their own play kitchens. Kids can mold them from Play-Doh for momentary macarons, or use Model Magic for permanent pastries.

Macarons Supplies

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 container of white Play-Doh

  • Or a 4oz bag of White Model Magic clay, if you want permanent pretend macarons.

  • Food coloring

  • 1 plastic bottle cap

  • 1 small white takeaway box

  • Markers

  • A plastic spoon

Step 1: Divide the Play-Doh into four balls.


Step 2: Add a drop of food coloring to each Play-Doh ball.


Step 3: Mix the food coloring into the Play-Doh.


Step 4: Use a bottle cap as a mold and create macaron shells.


Gently flatten with the palm of your hand.

Step 5: Add texture with a spoon.


Use the spoon to carve a line around the edge of each macaron shell and to add texture.

Step 6: Make your macaron filling.


Make your macaron filling by rolling Play-Doh into small balls and flattening into discs.

Step 7: Assemble your macaron.


Assemble in this order: shell, filling, and shell. Gently press the finished macaron with the palm of your hand.

Step 8: Decorate your box.


Draw a macaron or other design on your box before assembling it.

Step 9: Enjoy!


Arrange your macarons in the box and surprise someone with a pretend treat!