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Make Funky, Funny Faces from Clothes Hangers

Got a few extra wire hangers? You're halfway to making these cool face sculptures kids can use to decorate their bedroom — or any room!

Camp + Project Kid by Amanda Kingloff


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Pipe cleaner crafts are like a beginner course in Wire Sculpture 101. They are lightweight and easy to shape into whatever you dream up. This craft is a super-fun way for beginning sculptors to explore facial features, making round eyes, short noses, long ears — all with the bend of a pipe cleaner! And because this craft does not require glue, there are no mess-ups. Just give it a facelift and start again!

What You’ll Need:

  • Thin wire hanger

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Large beads

  • Scissors

  • Thick yarn

  • ...or use a basic craft supply kit like this one:

Form the Head

First, stretch out your wire hanger until it forms a round head shape. An adult might need to help with this step!

Next, use pipe cleaners to make the facial features, and thread to make the hair. Here's how.

Make the Nose


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

For a long nose, you’ll need two pipe cleaners. First, twist one pipe cleaner onto either side of the base of the hanger’s hook.


Next, twist the pipe cleaners together about halfway down, and then form them into a nose shape at the bottom; twist to close.

Make Eyes


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Slip a bead over the end of a pipe cleaner and wrap the pipe cleaner around the bead and into the other hole.


Next, cut another pipe cleaner in half and form a circle. Twist each end onto the eyeball pipe cleaner to form an eye shape. (Eyebrows and eyelashes are optional!)

optional eyelashes

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Make the Mouth


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Form a pipe cleaner into a mouth shape. Twist a straight pipe cleaner to the bottom lip and twist around the hanger. Trim off excess.

Make Ears


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend each end over the wire hanger on the sides of the head.

Add Hair


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

To make the hair, cut 4-inch strands of yarn and knot them onto the top edge of the hanger head. Experiment and play with bangs, ponytails, and various fun hairdos!


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

Show Off Your Funky Face


Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

These works of weirdo art are so lightweight that you can hang them with just a dash of washi tape!

HANGER-HEAD-2-2 copy

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid