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Make Thanksgiving Feel Extra Special This Year With These Terrific Turkey Crafts

Come together as a family to create these charming Thanksgiving crafts and make some memories while you’re at it.

Maria Bailey · 5 months ago

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If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s gratitude. We’re forever grateful for our loved ones, our health care heroes, and after the presidential election, our democracy! 

For many of us, this Thanksgiving in particular will be a chance to share our heartfelt thanks. To make the holiday feel extra special this year, why not add a creative element to the festivities with these fun and easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts.

It’s a great way to bring the family together, slow down, and be present — a wonderful nod to the true meaning of the holiday: gratitude. Besides, who doesn’t love adorable craft turkeys with googly eyes? Maybe this will mark the beginning of a fun holiday tradition you and your family will love for years to come.

1. Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Turkeys

This genius Thanksgiving craft is made using mostly items you can find around the house. Coffee filters? Check! Clothespins? Check! The other materials you can find in your craft drawer — or for cheap at the store. The results, on the other hand, are absolutely priceless! Learn how you can make your very own coffee filter Thanksgiving turkeys in no more than 30 minutes!

Check it out at Darcy and Brian

2. Turkey Pom Pom Thanksgiving Craft

Growing Up Gabel

Growing Up Gabel

We know turkeys gobble gobble, but did you know they can be made from pom poms? This fun and festive project is a perfect activity for the whole family. It’s simple, easy, and the results are downright cute! Ruffle some feathers by switching up your Thanksgiving decor with this craft!

See how it's made over on Growing Up Gabel

3. Pumpkin Thanksgiving Turkey

Growing Up Bilingual

Growing Up Bilingual

If this little guy doesn’t scream Thanksgiving, we don’t know what does! This beautiful craft combines the best of fall (pumpkins and fall leaves), and turns up the cute factor by featuring an adorable gobbler. Add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving table decor with this festive craft packed with personality.

Make one with help from Growing Up Bilingual!

4. Felt and Pinecone Turkeys

Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith

The creative adventure starts when sourcing the materials for this craft! Go on a nature scavenger hunt for the perfect pine cones to create these adorable felt and pinecone turkeys. These little gobblers are a unique take on holiday decorations and are just as much a joy to look at as they are to make.

Get the full instructions from Lia Griffith.

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Cones

Crafty Morning

Crafty Morning

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, and nothing sets the tone more than these Thanksgiving Turkey Cone Hats! Featuring colorful feathers, big goofy eyes, and plenty of charm — you can’t wear this festive creation without a smile. Capture the day and your handiwork in photos — but don’t forget to say “gobble gobble!”

See how it's done over at Crafty Morning!

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