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Rock, Rap, Loop, and Jam With These 8 Music-Making Apps for Kids

A bunch of entirely new ways to make music!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Best Music Apps for Kids


The world of apps has added an exciting new element to music-making in ways we never knew were possible! The best music apps for kids open up the door to new musical possibilities — where animated animals are musical instruments (more on that later), and kids can become music producers in seconds. Whether your kids are in the mood to rock, belt a ballad, or become a master DJ, these apps are their new musical playground!

1. Melody Jams

melodyjams music apps for kids

Melody Jams Inc.

Kids can bust out some tunes with their own animated band with Melody Jams! This is no ordinary band — they'll be jamming out with monsters. But don’t worry, they’re of the friendly variety, and they love to rock. Kids can mix and match band members, choose their instruments, and create their own songs. Once they're done being a music producer, they can grab an instrument and play along! Available for iPhone or iPad.

2. Loopimal

Loopimal music apps for kids


Kids can create loops and mix beats using animals — yes, animals — as musical instruments! Each animal makes a unique sound, including a baseline beat and a simple sequence of musical notes. But the real magic happens when animals are grouped together to create a multi-instrumental sound. Did we mention these adorable animated creatures even bust a move, too? Kids (and big kids) will be far too busy having fun to realize they’re learning about music composition. Download Loopimal, available for iPad or iPhone.

3. Toc and Roll

Toc and Roll music apps for kids


Toc and Roll is THE perfect platform for anyone interested in creating music. Kids can choose from a library of instrumental sounds, and take advantage of the super-cool recording feature where they can record their own voice! They can get started writing and producing their own songs by downloading the app for iPad.

4. Crayola DJ

Who needs to go out and party when you can bring the party on home? Your kids can turn the living room into a dance floor and get behind the decks with Crayola DJ! They can mix loops, and add fun creative effects to make great-sounding music that will have them dancing the night (or day) away. Download the app for iPad or iPhone.

5. Magic Piano by Smule

With Magic Piano, kids will be playing along to their favorite songs in no time, with the help of on-screen beams of light that guide their fingertips to the right notes. There’s also an option to switch up musical instruments — baroque harpsichord, anyone? Or how about a new wave synthesizer? There are thousands of songs to choose from — from John Legend to Mozart, so everyone’s musical tastes are covered. Download it free on your iPhone or iPad

6. Piano Dust Buster

Piano Dust Buster music apps for kids


Now kids can actually learn how to play the piano for real — using the genius Piano Dust Buster app! All they need to do is prop a phone or iPad on the piano and make sure to leave the microphone on so the app can track their progress. If you don’t have a piano — no worries! There’s a virtual piano on the app, so kids can play right on the screen anytime, anywhere. Download the app free for iPhone or iPad.

7. Medly Music Maker

Medly music apps for kids


Medly Music Maker is a musical treasure trove for absolutely everyone. There are enough instruments to form an entire orchestra, and hundreds more instruments are available for purchase in-app — ranging from house synths to classical violins. Kids can create songs in a variety of musical genres, where musical notes are drawn right on the screen. The free app is available for iPad and iPhone.

8. Keezy Classic

Keezy music apps for kids

Keezy Corp.

Tikatikatikatika! Poom poom poom! It’s time for your kids to take their beatboxing skills to the next level with Keezy! They can record a sound into each of the 8 colored tiles, and tap the tile to play it back or hold to loop. They'll be ready to challenge anyone to a beatboxing battle in no time! Download the free app for any iOS devices.