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Neat Nature Nasties! Did You Know Sloths Have A Special Poopy Time Dance?

Sometimes you just gotta dance it out.

Sarah Burns


Daniel Lange / EyeEm / Getty Images

It’s evening, and the lights are low here under the romantic jungle canopy. Once a week you make this pilgrimage to the forest floor, and you’re in luck today, because this spot seems quiet, unoccupied, and you feel relaxed after a stressful week. Yes, you decide, this is the perfect spot to pop in your ‘90s dance tape (Ba-da-ba-da-ba-bee bop bop bodda bope!), and start dancing your heart out, releasing all the tensions from the week, along with a giant pile of poop that’s about a third your entire body weight.

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If that sounds like you, you’re probably a sloth! These super chill slow-movers get down from the treetops once a week to dance their algae-covered butts off. Getting things shakin’ helps move the waste from every meal the sloth noshed on over the past week, and helps dig a hole in the ground to hold the, uh, deposit.

When you think of sloths, you don’t really think of He-Man-like abdominals, but sloths don’t care about toxic misrepresentations of strength; they’re built with Lamaze-like abilities and instincts to deliver this baby all in one push.


Grab some paper plates, and craft up a new sloth friend to hang with! If he starts gettin’ in the groove, put on some tunes, and maybe give him a little privacy.