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3… 2… 1… Crafty New Year!

These New Year's crafts are fun ways to decorate before the big countdown – or to stay awake way past bedtime!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Kid with Stars


Happy New Year! Grab the glue sticks and glitter, because it’s time to spice up the traditional New Year's Eve hats, create your own countdown, and go crazy with the confetti. Whether you’re getting ready for a family New Year's Eve party or planning a quiet night in, make your countdown extra exciting, and add a few kid-friendly New Year's Eve crafts into the mix! 

Confetti Garland

Confetti Garland by Handmade Charlotte

Handmade Charlotte

There are a few pros and cons when it comes to decorating with confetti. Pro: it's so fun to throw everywhere and it makes every celebration a blast. Con: all of the cleanup. This confetti garland is all of the fun festiveness of confetti, with none of the clean up, since the confetti is all captured on the flags. Sparkle game: Strong!

New Year's Eve Bubble Wands

New Years Eve Toddler Bubble Wands, Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art

Everyone loves having some bubbles on New Year's Eve! And we’re not talking about bubbles in a champagne glass – these are the soapy, kid-friendly kind. Add these sparkly bubble wands from Red Ted Art to your New Year's Eve celebration! You don’t even need bubble soap to have fun with these wands, tbh: They’re perfect New Year's Eve decorations to wave around and celebrate as the ball drops. 

New Years Eve Party Crackers

DIY-new-years-eve-party-crackers, Messy Little Monster

Messy Little Monster

Let's be real: not all of us are fans of noisy toys and crafts, but a silent New Year's Eve celebration would be pretty boring. Keep the noise at a fun level this year with these DIY party crackers. Fill these nifty paper widgets with whatever you have on hand – use something small and hard like dried beans or beads for a satisfying “Pop!” Keep the volume down even lower by skipping the filling part altogether, and get right to personalizing the outside for a unique New Year's Eve decoration. 

Paper Plate New Year's Eve Banner

new years eve party banner, I Heart Crafty Things

I Heart Crafty Things

The hype to see the clock strike 12 on New Year's Eve is real. But when you're used to a much earlier bedtime, staying up late can be a challenge no matter how determined you are. One way to keep those eyes wide open? This paper plate confetti banner. Making these fun New Year's Eve decorations will help keep little ones occupied so they forget about how tired they are — although you might want to outsource some of the cutting, since everyone knows you shouldn't operate heavy machinery while tired.

New Year's Eve Party Hats

new-year-party-hats-Kitchen Table Classroom png

Kitchen Table Classroom

Party hats really get their moment in the sun on New Year's Eve. These NYE hats are so fun to make, you'll want to wear them every single day of the year! Decorate them however you'd like: stick to metallic markers, add some glitter into the mix, or go-bright-or-go-home with a neon theme. Whatever direction you go in, they are destined to be a hit for the new year. 

Sparkler Firework Craft

firework-sparkler-craft, Kids Craftroom

Kid's Craftroom

These flashy sparkler fireworks take everything you love about the standard firework show and bring it into the palm of your hand — minus the fire and explosion part, of course! These eye-catching handheld sparklers are ingeniously crafted from shiny foil and cellophane sheets. Make a bunch and put on your own firework show before the countdown to midnight begins.

DIY New Years Eve Party Poppers

party-poppers-for-new-years, Honey & Lime

Honey & Lime

Rules get a bit of a pass when it comes to New Year's Eve. Want to stay up all night? Sure! How about throwing little pieces of paper on the floor? The more, the better! Want to add all the noisy toys into the mix? Absolutely! Since the rules are getting put on hold, you might as well combine all the broken rules into one and make this toilet paper roll party popper. Stay up late, fill it with paper, and pop it open at midnight for an epic celebration!

New Year's Eve Noisemakers

new-years-diy-noisemakers, Project Nursery

Project Nursery

"Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake." — Taylor Swift, while writing "Shake It Off," and probably while playing with this noisemaker toy at her New Year's Eve party. Take a note from Taylor's book and get shaking with these see-through noisemakers. The more you shake them, the more fun (and louder) the celebration will be!

New Year's Eve Glasses

nye glasses, Handmade Charlotte

Handmade Charlotte

Not into the whole New Year's hat look? Try some New Year's Eve shades instead. These DIY shades will make sure you are the coolest person in the room going into 2022. Want to know the secret weapon in getting these glasses to look so stylish? It's all in the pipe cleaners. Mix and match colors to make eye-catching designs. Shape them to write 2022, and fashionably greet the new year! 

Countdown Chain

new-years-eve-kids-countdown-activity, The OT Toolbox

The OT Toolbox

Time can be a complicated process, especially if you haven't mastered reading numbers and clocks yet. Simplify the New Year's Eve countdown for your little ones and make a paper chain countdown to count down the hours until the new year. The chain will let younger revelers get in on the action without them having to ask you how much longer until midnight seven hundred times.