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The Best Crafts To Take Outside

Make cool stuff in the great outdoors!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


East TN Family Fun

The weather is finally warm enough to spend the day outside, so why not take your crafting right to the backyard or the front stoop? These crafts are meant to be done outside. Some are a little messier than others, and a few require supplies right from the source: nature! Plus, these outdoor crafts won’t have you chasing after your supplies if a breeze comes through. Check out the ideas below and get ready for a summer full of outdoor crafts.

Water Blaster Splatter Painting


Simple Everyday Mom

Water blasters: They're not just for blasting water anymore. In this rather messy but exciting craft from Simple Everyday Mom, paint gets swapped out for water in the blasters, redefining what it means to put paint on paper. The trick to this craft is to use very diluted paint. It will flow through the blasters without a problem and still make a vibrant splash. Pro tip: Wear clothes that you won’t mind getting a little messy during this craft. Something tells me that the canvas isn’t the only thing that is going to end up with some paint on it.

Bubble Art


Babble Dabble Do

Playing outside with bubbles is classic summertime fun. This year, switch it up and turn your bubble blowing into a craft you can hang up and admire all year long. So, how exactly does it work? All you have to do is add a little bit of food coloring into your bubble mix and blow them right onto a piece of cardstock. The bubbles will pop, leaving the color behind to make an abstract and one-of-a-kind design. 

Rainbow Leaf Prints


The Kitchen Table Classroom

Ditch the glue, glitter, and stickers — for this outdoor craft, you’re going to want to turn to your backyard for supplies. Head outside and look for a bunch of different-sized leaves. With everything back in bloom, you should be able to find a wide variety, so make sure you grab leaves that are big, small, and all kinds of funny shapes. With your supplies ready to go, draw on them with washable markers. The leaves won't absorb the ink and will transfer right to a sheet of paper — with the help of a damp paper towel — capturing all the individual details of each leaf in beautiful full color.

Giant Painting


Busy Toddler

Want to make a canvas just as big as you? This outdoor giant painting activity will show you how to do just that. To get started, you'll need to break down a cardboard box, so you can hang it outside on a fence or the side of the house. Make sure you keep it where the kids can reach. Then, grab some washable paint or markers and let the little ones get to work drawing and painting some life-sized creations. This project couldn't be easier or quicker to set up — so make sure to keep a stock of boxes around this summer to repeat the winning activity.  

Painted Fairy Houses


Projects With Kids

Bringing indoor crafts outside is not always easy. One strong breeze and you can say goodbye to your paper, glitter, and other supplies. Luckily, you’ll have quite the opposite problem with these painted fairy houses. The adorable fairy houses are made from terra cotta pots, making it pretty hard for a breeze to knock them over. To give the pots a pop of color, you're going to want to use paint markers or waterproof paint. When they are dry, set them out in different areas around the yard — who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of a family of fairies moving into their new homes!

Kandinsky Inspired Rock Art


Arty Crafty Kids

I bet you've painted just like Wassily Kandinsky without even realizing it. This famous Russian painter is well known for his painting Squares with Concentric Circles, which showcases different color combos. So, basically, if you’ve painted a lot of circles, you have something in common with Kandinsky. Transfer the iconic method right onto rocks for a great outdoor painting project. When you're done painting, seal the design with a layer of mod podge for a pop of outdoor color all summer — and winter — long. 

Flower Printing Garden Art

IMG 0004

Nurture Store

Some of the best craft supplies might be in your backyard! Take a hike and go exploring in the yard and collect anything that catches your eye, like flowers, leaves, and sticks — just make sure to stay clear of the poison ivy. With your new craft supplies in tow, you’re ready to use them to make prints, just like a rubber stamp. Lightly dip each item in paint and press them gently onto a piece of paper to see what they will reveal. Not all of the flowers and leaves make a perfect stamp, but half the fun is in finding out which ones do.

Splatter Painting Pine Cone


East TN Family Fun

When the weather is warm, it seems like pine cones are everywhere — in the backyard, covering the driveway, and scattered along the path during your nature walk. Next time you’re out and about, collect a few and repurpose them as canvases for this outdoor craft. East TN Family Fun recommends splattering the pine cones with paint for an exciting makeover. Don’t stop at just the splatter paint. You can also dip them in different layers of paint or even get detailed with a paintbrush to make each section pop.

Painting with Yarn

yarn painting

Buggy and Buddy

No paintbrush? No problem! In this outdoor craft, scraps of yarn take over as painting tools for a new and innovative way to make an original work of art. To get this craft going, all you need to do is dip long pieces of yarn in different colored paint. When the yarn is covered in color, carefully move the yarn over a piece of paper and watch the design come alive. 

Nature Paint Brushes

nature paintbrushes

Messy Little Monster

On their own, a flower and a stick might not seem like a helpful set of craft supplies. However, with a little help from a piece of string, they can quickly turn into a paintbrush made by nature! On your next hike or stroll through the yard, collect a few sticks and anything that could work as a brush — flowers, leaves, or even a bunch of pieces of grass. Then follow the instructions over on Messy Little Monsters to see how to attach the natural materials together to make a paintbrush. Make a few and compare the natural items to see which materials work best.