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8 Intergalactic Crafts For Anyone Who Loves Outer Space

Boldly go where no crafter has gone before!

Margo Gothelf · 6 months ago

Cardboard Tube Space Shuttles

A Little Pinch of Perfect

Love outer space and all the planets — yes, even Pluto? Believe aliens are definitely, totally, completely real? Ever wanted to work at NASA? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you’re in the right place. This list of galactically cool craft projects is your rocketship-ticket to creative fun.

1. Alphabet Spaceship Craft

Alphabet Spaceship Craft

The Inspired Home

This simple art project is perfect for little ones who are just learning their letters, but could name all nine planets in one breath. Have them practice their motor skills by cutting out the different shapes and writing each letter of their names on the squares. Then have them assemble the pieces in the correct order to send the rocket blasting off into space! Head over to the Inspired Home for all the details on this nifty craft.

2. Space Slime

Space Slime

Inspiration Laboratories

It seems like the slime trend isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well embrace it by making this celestially cool space slime. What’s space slime? So glad you asked: Basically, it’s regular slime with a whole lot of glitter. This slime recipe uses glitter glue, instead of plain glue, to give it that extra shine and stretch. Check out the details on Inspiration Laboratories

3. Marbled Planet Art

Marbled Planet Art

I Heart Crafty Things

Paint and shaving cream might seem like an odd combination, but it actually works! In this marble planet project, the two materials blend to create a spiralized pattern, like the swirling clouds that cover the surface of planets like Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter. Check out I Heart Crafty Things site to see how she put it all together. And don’t worry about using shaving cream to paint: It’s definitely not as messy as it sounds.

4. Galaxy Globes

Galaxy Globes

Figment Creative Labs

Put the whole galaxy in the palm of your hand with these galaxy snow globes. While they may look complicated, these galaxy globes are made using a simple combination of water, baby oil, and glitter. With a project this easy, why stop at just one galaxy? Make a bunch of different galaxies in different colors and let each one shine.

5. Galaxy Jars

Galaxy Jars

Mom Dot Com

These galaxy jars are not only a fun craft project but double as a calming sensory jar when complete. To make the jars, combine acrylic paint, water, cotton balls, and glitter inside the jar. (You’ll need a lot of cotton balls to make this project — just keep ‘em coming into the jar.) When the cotton balls mix with the other materials, they form a nebula-like effect and play a pretty cool trick on the eyes. Check it all out on Mom Dot Com.

6. DIY Constellation Jar

Constellation Jar


Is it cloudy out tonight? Bring the stargazing indoors with this DIY constellation jar lamp. Trace the outline of your favorite  constellations on foil and poke holes along the lines to represent the stars. Line a clear jar with the tinfoil, add a small LED light in the middle, and shut off the lights for an indoor celestial show.

7. Paper Plate UFO Craft

Paper Plate UFO Craft

Woo Jr.

Give a little alien a place to call home with this paper plate UFO craft. Create your UFO from a paper plate and decorate it with abstract designs and patterns (to keep your UFO super mysterious!). Don’t forget to give your adorable alien a little plastic cup covering to travel through space — you never know what or who is out there! You’ll want to go to Woo! Jr. to get all of the details. 

8. Cardboard Tube Space Shuttles

Cardboard Tube Space Shuttles

A Little Pinch of Perfect

Send your LEGO figurines right into space with these cardboard tube space shuttles. These sleek space shuttles are made using toilet paper tubes and a recycled cereal box. Feel free to get creative when decorating your space shuttle. Go with an Iron Man theme and stick to reds and yellows or go with a Frozen look with icy blues and some glitter. Check out the details on A Little Pinch of Perfect.

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