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Everything You Need for a Kid Who Loves Painted Rocks

Rocks have the best life. They just sit around being lazy in nature. And some of them look GREAT.

Jack Shepherd

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What is the deal with hiding painted rocks? Maybe you’ve seen some of these painted beauties out in the wild. Maybe you know some kids who are big in the rock-painting scene. Maybe you have a kid who’s a rock painter. But for those who don’t know, there’s a worldwide craze of young people creatively painting rocks, hiding them for others to find, and posting about their creations and their discoveries in rock-painting groups online. Martha Stewart has the 411 on this if you want to dive deeper. (And for the real rock-painting heads, you won’t want to miss your chance to meet Ashley + Emma, creators of We Wear Cute, whose super-cute collectible painted rock pillows are out this week!)

Whether you’re new to the scene, or a grizzled old rock-painting veteran, these are all the supplies you need to bring your rock-painting game to the next level. And once you’ve loaded up on rock-painting gear, you can find tons of great rock-painting ideas here!

Rocks for Painting

You can’t paint rocks unless you’ve got rocks. And yes, you can probably find some outside. That’s where they live! But these ones are, like, the perfect shape.

Rock Painting for Beginners

Here’s a great rock-painting book for beginner rock painters. It’ll get you acquainted with the basics.

The Art of Stone Painting

This book has some lovely designs with instructions for how to duplicate them. Then you can get creative and build on the stuff you learned. 

Rock Painting Kit

Here’s a starter kid for a new rock painter. It’s got paints, brushes, glue, stickers, and, most importantly, rocks.  

Galaxy Rock Painting Kit

Here’s a kit you can use to create a rock galaxy, which is kind of like what the galaxy we currently have is, but much smaller. 

Acrylic Rock Painting Pens

Acrylic paint markers that are perfect for marking up your rocks and making them colorful, painted rocks, instead of boring old grey rocks. 

Rock Drying Rack

Once you’ve painted your rocks, you must let them dry before setting them free to live in the wild! Don’t send your rocks out into the world wet. It’s a major painted-rock faux pas. 

Rock Painting Dotting Tools

Want to get meditative and intricate with your rock designs? Here’s a Mandala dotting tools set that’s perfect for the task. 

Scribble Stones Book

Delightfully written and illustrated rock-painting fan fiction to relax with after a day of hard work turning rocks into superstars. 

Rockinz Decorative Pillows from WeWearCute

For the rock-painting maven who dreams about painting rocks, these comfy painted-rock decorative pillows are a delight.  

We Wear Cute Rockinz 12" Stay Positive Pillow


We Wear Cute Rockinz 22" Keep on Shining Pillow


We Wear Cute Rockinz 8" Horizon Pillow


Acrylic Sealer

Perfect for adding that glossy finish to your painted rock, before you send her into the world to meet her destiny. 

Metallic Markers

Can it really be called “painting” if you used a marker? Truly makes you think. But your rock will look great, and she’ll love you for it, which is all that really matters. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Kit

Once you go glow-in-the-dark, it’s hard to go back. Do you really want to only have rocks that don’t work after sundown?

Paint Brush Cleaner

I’m not here to tell you that you absolutely have to clean your paint brushes, but you absolutely have to clean your paint brushes. 

Rock Art Critters

Once they were rocks, but now they are critters! And it’s all thanks to you! What an improvement!

The Little Book of Rock Painting

This one has prompts, exercises to hone your rock-painting skills, and tons of ideas that will make you into a rock-painting master. 

Metallic Rock Painting

Make your painted rocks shine like the cool metals they’ve always longed to be!

Rock Art Handbook

Never leave the house without your comprehensive Rock Art Handbook. You never know when you’re going to run across a rock in the wild that urgently needs to be painted. 

Bird House Kit

Hey, if you like painting rocks, it’s pretty likely that you’ll like painting birdhouses too! They’re like painted rocks, except birds can live in them.