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10 Ways to Turn Your Selfies into Amazing Gifts

How to give the best gift of all: Yourself. But, like, in a book!

Jack Shepherd


Vincent Van Gogh painted more than 30 self portraits. Frida Kahlo made him look like a slacker by painting close to 60! But neither of these legends of the art world can hold a candle to the hundreds of gorgeous, perfect selfies you have on your phone.

But don’t hoard those lovely masterworks like a reclusive art collector — make the world a more beautiful place by sharing the best ones with someone who loves you. Shutterfly can help you turn your selfies into amazing gifts, and we’ve got a few DIY ideas that you can do at home too. So be a generous artist and give the gift of yourself!

1. Remind Them of Your Smiling Face With a Memory Game



Turn your photos into a custom Memory Matching game that’s great for kids. Now any time they want to look at your beautiful faces, they can do it with an adorable game. You can make one here.

2. Help Them Piece Together the Puzzle That You Are … With a Jigsaw Puzzle



There’s one thing that grandma loves more than a devilishly difficult 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and that’s a jigsaw puzzle with your beautiful face on it. You can make them in all different sizes here

3. Give Them an Iconic Centerpiece for Their Home Art Gallery



Use an app like Becasso to create watercolor-, oil-, or sketch-style art out of your photos. Then put it on a mug, so someone who loves you can have your mug on a mug. 

4. Become the True Star of Their Christmas Tree


One Little Project

Here’s an absolutely adorable DIY Christmas ornament that will light up someone’s Christmas tree this year. Follow the instructions at One Little Project

5. Give Them Something to Write Home About



It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves stationery! Print up some notebooks, post-its, and pencil holders with your face on them and brighten up someone’s desk. 

6. Give Them Something They’ll Keep on the Fridge Forever


Pink Stripey Socks

The kids can help make this pretty watercolor and crayon frame for your photo that’s guaranteed to become a refrigerator centerpiece. Follow the instructions at Pink Stripey Socks

7. Become the Ultimate Desk Ornament

Work is just so much nicer when someone’s gazing at a photo of your beautiful face. Follow these instructions from The Paper Mama to make a cute personalized desk ornament. 

8. Help Them Cook Dinner in Style With a Personalized Apron

Everybody’s going to want to kiss the cook when they’re wearing an apron that’s got your photo on it. You can get your big, goofy grin onto a 100% cotton apron for someone who loves to cook here

9. Give Them a Personalized Puppet to Play With


Molly Moo Crafts

Here’s another one the kids can help with. What person in their right mind wouldn’t want to while away the time playing with a personalized puppet of you? Follow the instructions at Molly Moo Crafts.

10. Give Them a Book They’ll Want to Read Again and Again



Who wants to waste time reading, like, literature, when they could be gazing at a book full of your selfies? Turn all your favorite photos into a photo book that is pretty much guaranteed to be the book of the year. 

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