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Get Ready For Purim With These Hamantaschen Recipes and Purim Crafts

Costumes, storytelling, good food, and a whole lotta hamantaschen — Purim is the best!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns



It’s time to celebrate Purim! This year the Jewish holiday of Purim starts on Wednesday, March 16. Purim is all about dressing up in costumes, reading the story of Esther (called the megillah), and eating all of the hamantaschen your heart desires. Looking for some fun Purim-themed crafts and hamantaschen recipes to celebrate Purim with kids? Scroll on.

The Purim Story for Kids

New to celebrating Purim or want a little refresher on the story? This quick animated video for kids about the story of Purim lays it all out for you — complete with sound effects indicating exactly when you should yell “boooooo!” or shake your noisemaker at Haman.

Purim Character Clothespin Dolls

Purim Clothespin Dolls

With Love Ima

Set the stage for kids to reenact the Purim story with these one-of-a-kind clothespin dolls. To make these original dolls, you’ll need a set of clothespins, yarn, markers, and anything else you want to use for decorations. To tell the full Purim story, make sure you create the five main characters, Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus, Haman, Mordecai, and Queen Vashti.

Purim Groggers

Making a homemade grogger is way easier than you think. Groggers are used to drown out Haman's name during the retelling of the Purim story. So, basically, any noisy items work. Think dried beans, rice, beads, or even paperclips that are inside something that you can shake. Check out this video tutorial to get some inspiration and see how kids can make their own homemade grogger. 

Purim Sensory Bin


With Love Ima

Hey, we all love Purim, but all the groggers and noisemakers can be a bit… loud. Grab a moment to relax with this Purim sensory bin. The activity takes what you love about a classic sensory bin and puts a holiday twist on it: The activities in the bin help your little ones work on their motor skills, all while learning about Purim. Check out the bin and see what you can put in it over on With Love Ima.

Felt Purim Play Set


Moms and Crafters

If you want a detailed Purim craft to work on while those hamantaschen are baking in the oven, check out this felt Purim playset. The detailed play set reimagines all of your favorite symbols of Purim including hamantaschen, a megillah, and a grogger. While it’s a little intricate to make, you’ll definitely get plenty of repeat play out of it year after year. Check out the details on Moms And Crafters.

3D Paper Hamantaschen


Jewish Kids Create

The only downside to these adorable paper hamantaschen is that you can’t actually eat them. To make these fun paper hamantaschen, decorate a sheet of paper any way you would like with markers or paint. Then plop down a pom pom in the middle to replace the filling. Get creative and make unusual “flavors” in crazy colors, like “neon cheeseburger.” See all the details on how to make these 3D paper hamantaschen over on Jewish Kids Create.

Queen Esther Costume Crown


Mini Monets and Mommies

For a last minute costume or an easy way to honor the hero of the Purim story, this simple Queen Esther crown does the trick. Follow the directions on Mini Monets And Mommies to see how to cut out the crown. Then let kids decorate it however they would like — use stick-on jewels for a more traditional look, or just make fun and abstract designs with markers. Either way, your child is sure to be the shining star of Purim with this accessory. 

Birthday Cake Hamantaschen


Kosher in the Kitch

Celebrating a birthday during Purim? Just love funfetti? If you’ve answered yes to either question, then add these birthday cake hamantaschen to your Purim treat list. These birthday cake hamantaschen are filled with sprinkles and birthday cake frosting — and it’s hard to eat just one.

Apple Pie Hamantaschen


Veena Azmanov

Instead of using jam to fill your hamantaschen, why not go with a pie filling? That’s exactly what baker Veena Azmanov does with her apple pie hamantaschen recipe. The hamantaschen are made using a shortbread dough and then stuffed to the brim with apple pie filling. While it’s not traditional, you’re probably going to want to go à la mode on this one.

Pizza Hamantaschen


Family Friends Food

Pizza hamantaschen are the savory treat you didn’t know you needed. The little pizza pockets are made using pizza dough instead of traditional hamantaschen dough, so don’t worry about them being overly sweet. The fluffy dough pockets are then stuffed with sauce, cheese, and some fresh basil.

Cookies n' Cream Hamantaschen

IMG 1359-final

Lil Miss Cakes

I have yet to find a dessert that Oreos don’t make better. Case in point: these cookies n’ cream hamantaschen. The recipe incorporates Oreos in both the cookie dough and the filling, for extra cookies-and-cream flavor. And speaking of extra, you should probably make an extra batch of these.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hamantaschen

pbj hamantaschen

Sheri Silver

This delicious treat is all about three beautiful words: Peanut. Butter. Frosting. Which is exactly what these PB&J hamantaschen are topped with. Plus, there’s PB&J in both the dough and filling, truly incorporating the best flavors from a childhood classic throughout the cookie. Head over to Sheri Silver’s blog and learn how you can make this nontraditional deliciousness on your own.