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Find Your Happy Place With These Non-Cheesy Rainbow Crafts

Because rainbows make life better.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns

6. Rainbow Face Painting


Rainbows are more than a meteorological phenomenon, they make us feel happy. When we spot a rainbow nothing else matters in the world: "Oooooh, rainbow!" Have you ever tried looking at a rainbow and not smiling? It’s impossible.

We're shameless suckers for seriously good rainbow crafts and this list doesn’t disappoint. Take a look at these crafts inspired by those magical multicolored arcs in the sky, and rediscover the joys of rainbows.

1. Rainbow Window Paintings

rainbow window painting


Grab washable paints, and let your little one have a field day painting rainbows all over the windows of your home. Be sure to place newspaper or old shirts on the floor and painter’s tape along the edges before you begin. And if you’re looking for a homemade paint, try mixing dish soap with a brightly-colored tempera paint.

2. Rainbow Sensory Rice


The Best Ideas for Kids

Sensory bins are big fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Not only are they great for fostering independent play, they also help develop practical life play skills, too. Up your sensory bin game with rainbow colored rice: all you need is white rice and paint. Get all the instructions at The Best Ideas for Kids — no eating the rainbow allowed. 

3. Mosaic Rainbow


Kid Activities

Think creating mosaics is too complicated? Think again! For this rainbow craft, all you need is construction paper and paper plates. Cut the paper into tiny pieces and create a stunning rainbow mosaic made of love. 

4. Rainbow Sponge Painting


Kids Craft Room

Painting is always a good idea. Sure your hardwood floors and new kitchen table might beg to differ, but all good times start with paint, right? That’s why we’re into this sponge painting craft that’s slightly less messier than finger painting. Cut old kitchen sponges into fun shapes, paint each point of the shape a different color and watch a beautiful composition come to life. Pro tip: Use tempera paint for paper and acrylic paint on fabric.

5. 3D Paper Rainbow


Easy Peasy and Fun

There are tons of rainbow crafts, but crafting an actual rainbow is a whole other level. Just remember to glue the colored strips in the correct order, because you know, green should never be next to red. Keep this work of art on your desk, table, or mantle to remind you and the fam of brighter days ahead. Full details over at Easy Peasy and Fun.

6. Rainbow Face Paint

6. Rainbow Face Painting


When all else fails, grab multi-colored face paint and draw short strokes of paint on your child’s face for a way to literally brighten your day. Even if you aren’t a true artist, you really can't go wrong here. Check out this face painting guide to get started, and have fun!