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Simple No-Sew Sock Sidekicks

Breathe new life into lost soles (get it??) and make some fuzzy frens with these easy sock puppet how-tos.

Sarah Burns

collage (2)

Welcome to Socktopia! Home of sock creatures whose mates mysteriously vanished into the black hole known as The Washing Machine. All you need is a pair of scissors and a lonely sock, and you and your kids are well on your way to making some new sock friends. These funny little creatures make adorable gifts, and are so easy to make that the whole family can help.

For these projects you’re going to need one to four socks, some rubber bands, something to stuff them with (like polyfill or rice), glue, and anything else you’d like to embellish them with; this could be pipe cleaners, ribbons, googly eyes — get creative! (Check out this Arts and Crafts Supply Library for more embellishment inspo!)

No Place Like Gnome


It's Always Autumn

I’ve never fully gotten over David the Gnome introducing me to the world of the gnomes as he went on adventures to save the animals of the forest with his fox bestie. With these easy sock gnomes from It’s Always Autumn, kids can make their very own gnome in about 20 minutes, with plenty of time to spare to outsmart those mean old trolls!

Some Bunny to Love

sock bunny

One Little Project

You know what they say about bunnies? Well they may be fast, but this DIY sock bunny craft is so fast, fun, and easy that you’ll want to make another, and another, and another! When filled with rice, they make cute and friendly bookends or paper weights. They’ll hang out anywhere that makes you hoppy.

There’s Snowbody Like You

Sock Snowman

Easy Peasy And Fun

This mini snowman by the aptly named Easy Peasy And Fun is here to melt your heart. Kids can get especially creative with the embellishments, bits, and bobs — just like on a real snowman. Instead of buttons, why not pom-poms? Instead of a ribbon scarf, try strips of fabric from a different sock, strands of yarn braided together, or maybe a bent pipe cleaner that looks like it’s blowing in the wind!

A Pachyderm Pal

Sock Elephant

Sweet and Saving Grace

Ivory-one needs a friend, and this loveable big-eared companion would love a place to store his trunk. Sweet Tea & Saving Grace has the knowledge you need to make all your old socks totally irrelephant.

The Socktopus

Sock Octopus

Simple Steps for Living Life

Lurking in the murky depths of the sock drawer lies that one bizarrely patterned sock. Where did you even get that sock? Do you remember ever wearing that pair? You must have though, because now only one sock remains. You might be tempted to toss out that little weirdo, but as it turns out, these curious oddballs are perfect for crafting the cutest socktopi — just ask any seasoned marine sock biologist.

Waddle You Make Next?

Sock Penguins

The Whoot

Pee-wee penguins, all set for some snow! These diminutive Antarctic dwellers by The Whoot can’t wait to be whipped up for some wintertime fun. Looking dapper in delightful little hats, these guys know that when it comes to ice and snow, being without a good scarf just isn’t going to fly.