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Super Snowy Crafts to Make This Winter

The next best thing to catching a snowflake on your tongue!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns



Prefer the snow over a day at the beach? You've come to the right place. Celebrate all that winter has to offer — and all the snow that comes with it — with these super snowy crafts. Save them for a snow day, or any day when it's just too cold to go outside. With these snow-inspired crafts, you can make your house into a winter wonderland any time!

Snow Dough


Buggy and Buddy

What if I told you that you could play with snow all day long without having to bundle up to go outside? Oh, and did I mention this snow won't melt either? This snow dough craft is everything you love about snow, without all the cold and meltiness that comes with it. The unique mixture of ingredients makes the dough super fluffy yet firm, just like real snow itself.  

Coffee Filter Snowflakes


One Little Project

Coffee filters are the unsung MVPs of a snow day: They'll help keep you awake with the endless amounts of coffee you'll be drinking — since your kids woke up at the crack of dawn to check on the snowstorm — and they'll transform into tie dye snowflakes. Talk about a win-win! The best part about this project is that each snowflake is an original design, just like the real snowflakes you see falling from the sky. 

Snowman Yarn Wrapping Craft

Snowman Yarn Craft Yarn Wrapping Toddler Winter Crafts Idea One Savvy Mom onesavvymom blog 4

One Savvy Mom

When it comes to snowmen, Olaf easily holds the top spot on the list, just edging out Frosty. Add some more competition into the mix and create a few snowmen of your own with this clever yarn snowman craft. One Savvy Mom adds a classic scarf onto their snowman but feel free to dress yours up however you'd like. Who knows, you might even knock Olaf off the top spot and give your snowmen the reigning crown. 

Glittery Snow Slime Recipe


I Heart Crafty Things

When you think about it, slime and snow have a lot in common. Both substances are fun to mush into a ball, and they both fall into the part-solid, part-liquid category. Slime, however, probably has the advantage since it won't freeze your hands off when you play with it. Combine the two substances and turn your slime into snow with this recipe for snow slime from I Heart Crafty Things. The recipe even adds in a touch of glitter, so the slime will glisten just like a fresh coat of snow. 

Snowman in a Bag


Oh My Creative

There are two types of kids when it comes to playing in the snow. Those who could stay out until sunset rolling around in the snow and never get cold, and those who take a half-hour to bundle up only to spend 15 minutes outside. For those who prefer to stay in and be nice and toasty, bring the snow day fun inside with a snowman in a bag craft. Shaving cream replaces the snow to make a snowman that you can build while staying nice and warm.

Shivery Snow Paint Recipe


Little Bins for Little Hands

Live in a warm climate and dream of making your own winter wonderland? This shivery snow paint recipe can help. The puffy paint uses shaving cream to create a fluffy texture, just like snow. Use it to turn any basic picture into a winter paradise. The snow paint gives you the taste of winter you're dreaming of — without all of the so-freezing-cold-you-can't-even-step-outside weather.

Melting Snowman Craft


Teaching Mama

Shaving cream, glue, and flour might sound like a big mess all together, but it's actually the perfect combination to bring these adorable melting snowmen to life. After the winter, keep this paint mixture handy to add a little texture to your beach landscape paintings and use it to make the sand and waves flow.

Magic Salt and Watercolor Snowflake Art


One Little Project

You know how when you mix rock salt with snow, it becomes super melty and kind of turns into slush? The same thing basically happens when you add table salt to watercolors — except it turns into a pretty beautiful mess. Try it out for yourself and watch the magic happen right before your eyes with this watercolor snowflake craft from One Little Project. The salt blends with the water to create a beautiful burst of color, unlike the slushy grey snow you see on the sidewalk. 

Winter Tree Finger Painting


Easy Peasy and Fun

Sticking your hands in super cold snow is not so fun. Sticking your fingers in globs of white paint, though? LOADS of fun! Save the gloves for the snow and keep your hands nice and warm inside with this winter tree finger painting craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. If finger painting isn't your thing and you prefer to keep your hands clean, use the back of a paintbrush or a Q-tip for a similar effect. 

Super Easy Snowball Painting

2-IMG 2185

Brilliant Little Ideas

Sure, you've painted with a paintbrush, but have you ever painted with a pom-pom? That's exactly the technique Brilliant Little Ideas uses to create this snowball painting craft. The pom-poms work in a similar way to sponge painting, giving you a different design every single time. Just like real snowflakes, every single one will have its very own unique look. 

Indoor Snowballs


A Parenting Production

An indoor snowball fight sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, when the snowballs are made from yarn, it sounds like an excellent idea. With these super fluffy and light snowballs, you won't have to worry about your snowball falling apart mid-throw — or a surprise burst of snow to the face. Plus, you can keep the game going all day long without losing feeling in your fingers. I'd still keep an eye out for that sneak attack though — you never know where the snowballs are going to come from!