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9 Cool Things To Do With All Those Stickers You've Been Hoarding

Put your sticker collection to good use with easy sticker crafts and activities for all ages.

Sarah Burns

Stickers have a way of finding their way into junk drawers, the crevices of backpacks, and forgotten corners of desks. They take over your scrapbooking supplies, get randomly stuck to the bottom of your shoes, and get left out so long that they lose their stickiness. Well, now your worrisome and wasteful sticker days are done, because we’ve got 9 cool sticker craft projects to help you channel your sticker collection into DIY dynamite.

Sticker Stories

Sticker Story

Kindergarten Connection

Nurture that storytelling instinct by turning stickers into creative story prompts. The smaller sized pages are cute, novel, and take the pressure out of staring down a big blank page.

Stuck on Magnets


A Little Pinch of Perfection

An ingenious and functional creative craft, this tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating your own unique magnets out of your favorite prized stickers. This is a fantastic option for those wishing to display their collections where they can see them, plus they make delightful, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Unstick Your Creativity!


Simple Everyday Mom

This dot sticker drawing tutorial will show you how to set up an invitation to create in mere moments with simple visual suggestions, and a few art supplies you probably already have on hand. 

Stickers, But Make It FASHION!


Nurture Store

Your new favorite t-shirt is but a few puffy stickers away, as this tutorial shows — just stick, paint, peel, and wear!

Sticker Puppets

Sticker-Stick-Puppets.jpg copy

Totally the Bomb

These sticker stick puppet pals are so easy, it’s child’s play. All the world’s a stage, but for this DIY, the coffee table works pretty well too.

A Novel Idea

If you find there are some stickers you just can’t commit to the stick, this DIY sticker book might be your holy grail. Vinyl sheets let you stick and re-stick, a sturdy plastic binder provides collection protection, and organized tabs mean you’ll be able to find your faves for a quick scratch n’ sniff when the mood strikes.

Sticker Mosaic Art

sticker mosaic art

Kiwi Co.

Is it an art lesson? Is it an activity? Is it a smart way to use up a lot of stickers you’ve hat laying around? Yes, yes, and you bet! This sticker mosaic project is an inventive way to teach kids about colors and shapes, while building up those dexterity skills. Plus, it’s fun!

Add Some Flair to Your Hair


The Kennedy Curate

Turn those pearl and rhinestone stickers into beautiful, personalized, wearable art. These sticker barrettes make wonderful gifts, and are so easy to make, you’ll want to gift a few to yourself. 

Stick Between the Lines


Busy Toddler

Use your spare stickers in a brilliant, super-easy to set up activity that helps develop fine motor skills, dexterity, color recognition, pattern recognition — and the end result has a cool modern art vibe! Mix it up with challenging zigzags, and swooping loop-de-loops!