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Suit Up With These Easy Superhero Crafts

With great power, comes great creativity.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns

superhero crafts for kids


There’s something profound about superheroes — they're invincible, they can save the world, and they use their powers to make everyday life better. If we’re being honest, parents meet a lot of the same job requirements — we have extraordinary talents (have you heard our sonic scream?) and we strive mightily to keep our families safe and happy.

If your kids are into costumed crime fighters, they’ll love these superhero crafts. Who knows — maybe you’ll be inspired to create a mask for yourself, Superparent! Fun and frugal superhero crafts, straight ahead!

Felt Superhero Masks

felt superhero mask patterns

Cutesy Crafts

Every superhero needs a mask, right? These easy felt superhero masks are for every kid (girl or boy) who dreams of being Catwoman, Iron Man, Batgirl or Batman, or Wonder Woman. They are sure to be a rainy day favorite. For full instructions, check out Cutesy Crafts.

Superhero Handprint Cards


The Best Ideas for Kids

Have a birthday party coming up and need a unique card? Try these superhero cards made out of your little one's hands. They're also perfect for other holidays, or when you need an afternoon craft that’s not too time consuming. The Best Ideas for Kids has detailed instructions on how to make this superpowered keepsake.

DIY Avengers Superhero Shoes


Comic-Con Family

DIY shoes might seem like an ambitious project, but they're really not. Would you believe us if we told you that you can make them from character party napkins? It takes a little creativity and skill, but it’s nothing you and a small superhero can’t handle, promise. 

Superhero Capes

superhero capes


Are you really a superhero if you don't have a cape? The answer is yes, of course — but here’s how you can easily make a simple no-prep cape at home anyway, just in case it comes in handy. First, grab a scrap of your favorite fabric, fold it in half, and then cut a half U shape at the top. And don’t worry about being perfect—your little one won’t care and neither should you. 

Superhero Cuff

The almighty toilet paper roll, champion of craft projects everywhere, makes a triumphant leap in this craft, which transforms the humble cardboard roll into superhero cuffs to wear while fighting baddies. With just some paint, scissors, construction paper, and glue, you can complete your little superhero’s homemade costume in the style of their favorite good guy.